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Natural DOLLY EYES Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Korn

Best time to change my gloomy eyes to Big Jolly Eyes.

I feel so much happy and alive after doing double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

I’ve been planning to do my eyelid for a long time now, all though it’s difficult to find the right doctor to do it. I saw many clinics around Bangkok, that makes me difficult to choose which the best one is. I don’t wanna go to small cheap clinics because I knew someone who had infection after doing a surgery in their facilities. Small clinics have less technology for operations and low quality of OR sterility. It makes me scared to go have my operations to such. I want my operation to be safe and secured, of course with well-experienced doctor.

Until one day, I have a friend who did surgery at DRK, she was very happy to see her new look after the surgery. I heard about DRK before, they have many celebrities coming do to skin care and plastic surgery with them. And now, they have a new surgeon specialized for eye surgery. Dr. Korn. I was all excited to have a consultation and finally get to see the facility where a lot of celebrities and models had picture and video taken.

During my consultation with Dr. Korn, I understand clearly about what my surgery and what should be the best technique for my case. I will have a half incision double eyelid surgery which will provide a more defined big dolly eyes and will last longer than having just stitches. I totally agree with doctor’s advice and I made an appointment for surgery right away.

** Dr. Korn and I during the consultation. He is very smart and kind doctor. Also so cute hahaha **

I am so excited to do my double eyelid surgery with him.

**The following day after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.**

I stayed home to take good rest as Dr. Korn’s advice. I have to put ice pack over my eyes for 2-3 days to help reduce swelling… I feel a bit pain but still manageable.

I don’t have bruises because Dr. Korn was very gentle and his soft hands didn’t hurt me. It was a bloodless operation technique causing less pain, less swelling and no bruises after the operation.

**2 days after I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

Check my incision wound, on the second day it looks so much better. No bruises and very minimum swelling… The incision size is approximately 5mm, and I can see that it is dry already, close to getting healed totally.

5th day after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

I went to DRK for follow up, Dr. Korn said my eyes are better now and there’s no visible complication. The nurse removed the stitches already, now I can go out and date J ahaha

7th day after I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn

I went to have a swim-time with my friends, my new eyes are totally fine and it’s alright to swim in the pool now. I’m so happy my life is back to normal again, but now more amazing.

2 wks after I had my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn

3rd week after I had my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

1 month after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn

I am very confident about myself, all my friends are mesmerized about how my eyes look. I can put makeup very naturally, no need for heavy eyeliners just to get a double eyelid and bigger eyes appearance.

See how natural my double eyelid is. Dr. Korn really did a great job with my eyes. The result is perfect for my face and my style.

Compare the before and after, you can see how beautiful to have a natural bigger eyes. My impression changed, I become to look younger and feisty.

I am happier with how I look now, my family and friends can see how I transformed in a very fast, easy and prettiest way. All my thanks to Dr. Korn for making me the most beautiful “BIG DOLLY EYES”, I will surely recommend him to my friends.

I would also like to extend my appreciated to all DRK team for being so professional and kind in giving me the information I need and assisting me all throughout my operational and recovery period.

I will definitely come back again for more beauty surgery and bring more friends with me, because I believe in DRK.

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