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Double Eyelid Surgery for definitive beautiful eyes

Hello, My name is Miss Grace and I would like to share my honest review about the surgery I did at DRK. I recently did double eyelid to make a crease at my upper eyelid. It's been two months now since I did my double eyelid surgery. .

I had trouble with how my eyes look. It is very popular to have double eyelids, a Korean look that I would like to achieve. And without a crease on my upper eye, seems like so weird to me. For years, I tried to put eyeliners just to correct the shape of my eyes. When it rains or when the weather is hot or I do activities, I always worry if my eyeliner worn off, otherwise I would look funny without it. This situation has been a struggle for my everyday lifestyle- that's when I decided to undergo surgery once and for all.

I am very picky, I don't want to go to the wrong surgeon and if I wont like it- then I will find another one.I want my first surgery to be perfect and there will be no chance of correcting itn the future. I'm very lucky to know Dr.Kolawach in many medias. He is very famous in our society, most of my colleagues and friends did plastic surgery with him, and all I see is excellent natural results.

During the operation, Dr. Kolawach made sure that I will feel comfortable while he's doing the surgery, he and DRK's medical team secure me with genuine care and innovative technologies to monitor my vital signs.Dr. Kolawach gave me a local anesthesia and when he injected it, his hands was very light and soft- it didn't me at all. The entire operation was painless and relaxing. Dr. Kolawach and his team checks me every now and then to make sure I am alright.

The double eyelid operation procedure took approximately 30-40 minutes, my eyes was a little bit swollen after but I totally understand that it is normal. After 3 days from surgery, the swelling subsides and no bruises at all. Some doctors will use non absorbable sutures, but Dr.Kolawach's technique is the best, he do with absorbable sutures so no need to remove the stitches and healing process would be very quick thus leaving minimum or even invisible scar, make the surgery so natural

Dr.Kolawach will see me after a week to see my result.

One week after my double eyelid surgery.No bruises and no annoying scars.a little bit swelling but not painful. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

2 weeks after, it's starting look more natural. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

One month after

Two months after, my eyes starting to curve naturally. I can notice my eyes to look like Korean style in 3 months after surgery.

The photographs were taken by my friends, they said I really look very natural and smooth seam that some doctors take refuge in stitches. I can testify that dissolvable ones are the best than non dissolvable because this procedure doesn't need to cut and remove, it melts naturally to me without complications.

Friends, if you are interested to know about every detail of my double eyelid surgery pls add me on Line : ggraciie

You are welcome to open up everything to me for prior consultation with doctor.

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