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Asian Dolly Eyes through Double Eyelid by Dr. Korn

Glowing Eyes are more attractive and expressive.

Hi everyone, I’m Kick. Please let me share with you my experience in changing how my eyes look at DRK. The reason I did double eyelid surgery is because I feel older with the shape of my eyes and my friends say I look tired all the time. I have to put much eyeliners and cosmetic paste for fake eyelids just to give glow to my eyes, but doing it everyday is such a hassle.

That's why I finally decided to do surgery, to get a permanent double eyelid and free me from all the everyday hassle. I asked my friends where I can do the double eyelid, and they brought me to so many clinics around Bangkok but none of the surgeons got me confident to do it with them.

Until one day, I saw a celebrity who did double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn. I am very amazed with how she looks now and the confident she shows to people, I also want the same feeling and look. I called DRK right away and booked a consultation with the very handsome and famous Dr. Korn.

Upon meeting Dr. Korn, he showed me a very professional gesture of a good surgeon which I didn't see from other surgeons. More on when we talked, he explained to me clearly what procedure I have to do, and how much millimeters he can adjust to get a natural result.

I will have a full incision, in which this will give me a more definite and long lasting result. He will use absorbable sutures so there's no need for stitch off. The operation will be in BLOODLESS technique, as DRK's protocol and secret formula for all operations.

**3rd day after my double eyelid surgery**

My eyelids are still swollen and a bit red but no terrible bruises and no pain at all. I went out to have lunch with my family. This is so great because I still feel very normal like I didn't do any surgery. The bloodless technique really works! tocol and secret formula for all operations.

**5th day after double eyelid surgery**

Surprisingly, my eyelids are pretty fine! At this moment, I feel better than 2 days ago. My incision wounds are closed and of course less swollen and no reddish discoloration anymore. Great right?

**7th day after my double eyelid surgery**

My recovery was very fast and I didn't expect that I would have the most easy and comfortable days after surgery. I thought it would be painful and horrible, but the reviews of the patients are real. Everything is bearable and normal. Now, I will go back to DRK clinic for my last follow up!

I would like to thank DRK staff for giving me all the information I need before and after my double eyelid surgery. Everyone was very helpful and accommodating. They assisted me all throughout the process and made sure that I understood all the instructions for my own sake.

More thankful to my BEAUTY MAKER Dr. Korn for making my GLOWING LOVELY EYES and now I feel more confident about myself. It changed my everyday mood and lifestyle. All my family and friends say that I look happier and livelier than ever! That's what I want and that's what I feel inside!

I would like to recommend DRK to be your beauty maker and change your life for the better!

Thank you for reading and see you guys soon for more beauty revelations! ^^

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