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Nose wing reduction by Dr. Beer

No more flaring nose that makes you look angry all the time.

Big nostrils are never friendly, means nobody wants it. Not just it doesn't look good on every body, no matter what race or gender you are, flaring nose is never attractive. And as for Asian girl, we always want to look adorable and cute. That's why I wanted to do something about my major face problem, and the only answer to get it corrected is by plastic surgery.

Since I know DRK already, because I had chin augmentation with them before, i already know where to go.

I had Dr. Beer to do the alarplasty nose wing reduction for me. I trust his work because I've seen a lot of incredible results of his patients.

The photos above were taken before I had the alarplasty with Dr. Beer.

As you can see, my nose wings are too open and they don't look good.

After talking with Dr. Beer, I felt so relieve knowing that he can do what I wanted. We measured the approximate amount of my nose wing to get a good result.

Photos above are taken 3 days after I had my alarplasty with Dr. Beer.

I can attest that my operation with Dr. Beer was a great success. I didn't have any complication during and after the procedure, nonetheless no further swelling and bruises. I didn't have bleeding either.

1 week after my alarplasty surgery with Dr. Beer.

The stitches was removed already, and there's a very small scar but amazingly it's not obvious. Nobody can notice the scar.

My coworkers say that my nose look very cute now and I feel very uplifted of their compliments and made me love working more hahahaha

10 days after my alarplasty with Dr. Beer

2 weeks after my Alarplasty with Dr. Beer.

Look at my nose wing now, its small and very cute. Also I am very happy because the scar is not obvious. It's not visible.

3 weeks after my

I am very lucky to have found DRK, they are my Ultimate Beauty Maker, from skin treatments to beauty makeovers.

Thank you for reading!

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