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Prominent Chin for Men by Dr. Aui

Prominence of the chin for men gives us a chiseled look which makes us look more masculine and handsome appearance.

Chin augmentation is one of the best solutions to achieve a PERMANENT prominent chin.

DRK powerhouse surgeon Dr. Aui did an incredible job on my concern and desired chin prominence.

Hi guys, I'm Gui. Some of you might have seen me on Thailand's reality TV show "Take me out ".

The reason that I'm here is to give some men out there an idea of what would it feel like and look like if they pursue on doing chin augmentation.

First, must find a good surgeon to do the surgery for you. Make sure the facilities of the clinic where the operation will be done would be safe and secured environment with complete medical utilities.

My concern was that my chin was too short, that's making my face look stubby. And makes me look chubby too.

In this era, most Asians dig for Korean style appearance. And one of its major trademark look is the Vshape. One way of achieving a Vshaped face is by adding more prominence to the chin to create a balance ratio on the lower part of the face. And for my case, it works perfectly so.

Since I'm a tall guy, with a round face just doesn't harmonize and my friends tell me that I need to improve the lower part of my face because I look chubby and round for a man.

So I decided to look for a good surgeon around the country.. and lucky to have known DRK. They are well known in Thailand to have a good reputation and most wanted by celebrities. And that's exactly where I wanna go.

DRK is a plastic surgery center that has many board certified plastic surgeons, and for me I chose Dr. Aui.

When I had my consultation with Dr. Aui, she gave me a clear understanding of how the operation is going to be. As DRK surgeons have their signature technique for all their operational procedures.

In DRK, it's like doing your plastic surgery in all doctors behind two hands. I am confident that my desired result will be successful with Dr. Aui.

DRK facility is like hospital setting, and the medical personnel rendered me professional care. I felt very safe and secured the whole time.

**right after the chin augmentation surgery with Dr. Aui at DRK facility**

My chin augmentation surgery was a success, it was painless and no discomforts during the procedure. Dr. Aui made me feel relax and keep on checking on me making sure that I am feeling no pain.

She put on a screw on my implant to secure the implant and keep in position no matter what activites I do in the future.

As you can see, after the procudure, I have no bruises and terrible swelling. fantastic operation

I was advised to wear this face garment for 3 days to help reduce the swelling faster.

**2nd day after my chin augmentation**

Surprisingly, I have no bruises, but a bit swollen on my chin area. which is normal.

At this time, I am advised not to eat or drink hot and spicy to prevent irritation to the incision inside the mouth. The rest, is just perfect.

**Day 3**

Everything is getting better this time, swollen is subsiding,and pain had disappeared on this day.

My first follow up at DRK today to remove the bandage and see Dr. Aui.

**Day 4 after chin augmentation surgery**

**Day 5 after my chin augmentation**

**1 week after my chin augmentation**

No more swollen in just one week! I am very satisfied with my new chin prominence. I look different now, and my friends say I look like a Korean Actor. I am very happy to see my new contoured face.

Having a Vshape face for men gives us a different approach to defining handsome appearance, unlike other men prefer to have square face, Asian men mostly like to look Koreans.

I have achieved the look that I yearned for because of DRK.

Most of all, I had the safest and most comfortable operation and recovery period. I have no complications or troubles after, only getting better and excited everyday to go out and flaunt my new handsome face.

Thank you so much Dr. Aui for giving me the VShape chiseled face that I desire, and for keeping me safe. Also big thanks to all DRK staff for the kind assistance and accommodation.

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