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Beautiful Asian look with Defined eyes and Vshape face through double eyelid and chin augmentation s

Defined double eyelid with natural crease and chin augmentation for prominent chin and shape like a V, are the two beauty makeover I've had at DRK.

Hi everyone, I'm Cat. Some of you might have the same concern and problem as I had, so now I'm sharing you my experience in finding its solution and how it changed my life.

To begin with, as most Asians as myself, the eyes are quite relatively tiresome look due to having undefined crease showing almost monolid eye. This look gives us a puffy, tired, sleepy eye.

My other concern is that my face is round and has no shape, I wanted to look like Koreans with Vshaped face contour. And my chin is receding it looks off when I do side view and gives me a fatty neck double chin when I bent my head down.

**before double eyelid and chin augmentation surgery**

I want to look like most beautiful women on TV and internet, the trend on Asian beauty with double eyelid and Vshape face. And to achieve that, makeup isn't enough. Only surgery can resolve my desire to change on my look.

**before double eyelid and chin augmentation surgery**

As I've asked my friends and family, they all give me an advice on my plans. We painstakingly took time to do our research for the best surgeons in town.

WE DO NOT GO FOR CHEAP clinics because of the thought that the result and service will be the same. Best things don't come in cheap price. As much as great things don't come easy. So people, I do advise you to not do the surgery because it's cheap. Do it because, it's the best.

**before double eyelid and chin augmentation surgery**

There are lots of good clinics and doctors in Bangkok, but all depends on your confident which one you have the instinct to get the best result you wanted.

I went to all the top doctors in Bangkok, but one doctor gave me the realistic and achievable result. And I found it in DRK.

Dr. Beer explained to me all the necessary information about the surgeries that we are going to do.

For the double eyelid, he will create a higher crease to make my eyes open and less tirey look. and puffy one.

And for my chin augmentation, doctor will use a "SCREW" technique that will secure the implant to my chin in position permanently. Also, the implant is from USA which I am very confident that it has a high quality material and harmless to the body.

**10 days after my double eyelid and chin augmentation with Dr. Beer**

My beauty makeover transformation from DRK is miraculously. I look totally different from before! My friends always give me compliments every time they see me. I love it!

I am very confident after I achieved the look that I've eagerly desired for so long.

Dr. Beer has given me the face that I dreamed about, and now that I look beautiful, my confidence about myself also helped me feel happy everyday.

Most importantly, my operation and my recovery period was safe and no complication has occurred. DRK medical staff assured that I will have a comfortable healing process. They continue to assess me and guide me with everyday instructions.

If you wish to achieve the look you've been dreaming about, I recommend DRK for you.

Check their clinic and talk to any of their doctors, you will feel your inner guts tells you and follow your instinct.

Thank you Dr. Beer for making me beautiful than ever!

I will be forever thankful and in awe of your greatness.

I will surely come back for more beauty makeovers!

See you next time guys ^^

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