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Kpop Slim Cheeks: Buccal Fat Removal and Chin Augmentation by Dr. Kolawach

I am aiming to look a Korean Pop Star, and I would like to start with V-Line face shape.

I am always envious of my friends who have slim V shaped face, they can do botox injection because they have many muscles on their jaw area and cheeks, but in my case, botox is not enough. I have much buccal fat pad than normal people do…so the action for botox will not give a good result to me.

I looked over the internet for the best procedure to help me achieve the look that I want- slimmer face. Then I have a friend who recommended me to DRK. I checked them right away, and I was surprise to find out how good Dr. Kolawach for Vshape program.

I called them right away and get a consultation appointment. Upon talking to Dr. Kolawach, he said that I am a very good candidate for doing buccal fat procedure, because he can tell then there are a lot of buccal fat pad accumulation in my cheeks. In addition to that I asked him how to achieve Vshape Korean look, then he was straightforward to give me advice that I have to chin augmentation because my chin shape is blunt leaving my face look square. So if I want to achieve Vshape look, I will have the best outcome if I augment my chin.

I totally agree with Dr. Kolawach’s advice, of course he knows best. I believe that he does the best to his patients. I asked him about the chin augmentation procedure, he explained to me thoroughly, I will have a chin implant medium size and with screw technique.

I will have the Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation at the same day. The operation will be done in the clinic, and I can go home after I will have a few minutes in the recovery room.

This is me before my Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

My operation took an hour for both Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation. It was bloodless operation, and doctor’s hands were very gentle it didn’t hurt me at all. It was a securing and comfortable operation I ever had.

After a few minutes in the recovery room, I was alright to go back home. DRK team gave me medicines to take for a week, and facial compressive garment to wear for 3 days to help reduce the swelling plus augment it with cold packs.

The incision is inside the mouth cavity, so there are no visible scars outside my face. The stitches are absorbable, so no need to remove them.

This is me now, 1 month after my Buccal fat removal and Chin augmentation Surgery with Dr. Kolawach.

I am so happy with the result, it is very visible that my face changed. All my friends and relatives have a remarkable impression with my changes. They said it is very natural and incredible.

I would like to thank Dr. Kolawach for doing all the possibilities without complication, and above all kept me safe and satisfied all the way.

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