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Korean Vshape face through Buccal Fat Removal by Dr. Kolawach

Hi, Jane here gals and guys. I am sharing you my easy and painless experience in having buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. See how I transformed from chubby round face to slim sexy one.

I’m not a chubby person, in fact I exercise regularly with of course proper diet. But my round face is so natural. I was born with it. I’m not saying that I’m unhappy about it, but when your friends keep teasing you about your chubby face, it’s not comfortable. I didn’t much focus about them teasing me, because I know they don’t mean it. But the earth is moving so fast, Korean trending style and American slim figures, these have given me the idea of getting a slimmer face. Make it a bit more shaped to look sexy, for my own opinion.

So when I was fully decided to do the V-shape by getting rid of the facial fat, I made a research about it. There was not much in Bangkok to do the buccal fat removal. Have a few doctors but not really experienced and not much review and photos for before and after. The only choice is DRK. Dr. Kolawach is very famous in doing buccal fat removal, with many celebrities and good reviews about his operation.

I didn’t have second thought, I called DRK for consultation appointment. Then luckily, I can speak to doctor the following week. During my consultation, Dr. Kolawach was really accommodating, he listens to me and explained to me what would be the procedure and the expected outcome. I understood everything and then I made an appointment for the buccal fat removal operation.

DRK front staff told me that the price for this procedure is 35,000 THB. It’s worth spending. But the sad news it that Dr. Kolawach is very busy, so I have to wait 2 months for my operation. So it leaves me no choice but to wait. I don’t want to hurry doing this if not with Dr. Kolawach. He is worth waiting for.

While I was waiting, my friends keep asking me if it’s gonna be painful, how will I take care of myself, is it going to be swollen – they all sound so worried and scared. But I keep on telling them “Watch and learn” hahahahah.

Finally, the day has come. My big day, the day of a new beginning. Upon arrival at the Clinic, the nurse prepared me for the surgery, change my clothes for OR, wash my face and gurgle a mouth wash. I was also injected IV infusion for emergency case, just in case hehehe this is DRK’s protocol, and I like it.

This is me before the surgery. I know I’m cute (hahahah) but I look like a high school kid and I can’t wear sexy clothes otherwise people will think that I’m TOO YOUNG to wear those dresses.

the next day after my surgery. I have to wear this face bandage to reduce the swelling. I have to wear it 2-3 days after the surgery. And it helps a lot. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

2nd day after the surgery, I will go back to DRK tomorrow for my check up and hopefully remove this bandage. ^^

One month after the surgery. I am so happy with the result. My face has obviously got slimmed.

And this is me now, 2 months after the surgery ^-^ all my friends are envious of me hahahahha! They said I look like a BARBIE! I’m so happy receiving positive comments from people. And also, I can wear clothes like my age can. I don’t look like a high school anymore, I look like a model ^-^

Thank you DRK for assisting me in getting all the information I need and helping me to get through my recovery process.

Most of all I would like to thank Dr. Kolawach for making my dream of having a slimmed face came true without hassle. I did the right thing in doing surgery with you and looking forward to do more ^-^

Great job DRK. You are indeed the World’s first class plastic surgery.

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