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Chin Augmentation and Lip Reshape surgery Review

Hello everyone, I’m Poppie - here to share my experience in doing chin augmentation and lip reshape surgery with Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri.

First, why did I want to do surgery? Because honestly, I don’t feel satisfied with my blunt chin and huge lips. I know some people might disagree, but I am entitled to what I feel about myself. It’s like you can’t tell someone who to love or not. I am firm with my decision, and so I looked so hard and carefully for the best doctor in town to do the first operation for me. Of course, I don’t want to do it again for some inconvenient reasons. One good doctor is all I need to make my mission accomplished.

And all through many doctors and clinics/hospitals I’ve visited, nothing could make me say yes. There’s always something missing in the consultation, lack of facilities and poor service. I can’t take the risk of getting into the operating table with a single doubt behind my head. So, I took all the time that is needed. I waited for quite long, more than a year actually.

And so, when I checked my favorite website in Thailand, which is by the way really famous- there I saw DRK. They featured Dr. Kolawach for doing the Thailand makeover to the sister of a famous thai celebrity. It really caught my attention, so then and there I called DRK for a consultation and meet the great doctor.

During my consultation, Dr. Kolawach astonished me. He is really smart and approachable. He knows exactly what I wanted and explained to me thoroughly about the result that I want and how he will do it. This has made me so confident to do the surgery with him.

For the chin augmentation, he will use USA brand silicon and screw it to my bone to secure the implant in place. I agreed to it, because in my research some chin implants are dislocated in the chin area- and it looks so terrible. So Dr. Kolawach’s technique is really remarkable and secured.

For the lip reshape surgery, as I asked him I want it to be slimmer. He said for my facial structure- thin lips are not really good. In the future, I might regret it and want to change it. But he said he will reshape and contour it for better appearance- not making it look like too huge and pouty. I totally agreed to his ideas, because I already trust him.

On the day of my operation- which is the most awaited day of my life so far. Now I am relieved. Relieved because the search has ended, and the beginning of new life starts today.

The whole DRK staff assisted me with all I need, prepared me before the operation and made me relax. During the operation, Dr. Kolawach was checking up on me by asking how I was doing. He explains the procedure that he will do, so that I will have the knowledge of his steps and so I would cooperate during the operation. One thing that learned about this journey is that, the surgeon and the patient have to do in the operation- cooperation. As a patient, I have to be part of the team, not only the subject but also part of the cooperation. I need to relax and follow doctor’s instruction during the surgery- so that he can do his job thoroughly- for the better of the whole operation.

After the operation, I still feel numb around my chin area and lips. The nurse gave me the cold packs to reduce swelling and prevent the swelling to develop so fast. They also give me my medicine for anti-swelling, pain and antibiotic and instructed me further on how to take my medicines regularly and how to take care of the incision site.

Everything was perfect. I have nothing to worry about when I leave the center. I have everything I need, and I understood all the instructions they gave me. Now I just have to wait until I heal so that I will see my new look ^^

This is me before doing the chin augmentation and lip reshape surgery at DRK. You can notice that my chin are blunt and make my face look square. Also my upper lips are bigger than my lower lip. Wait and see how I changed after the surgery ^^ you will be amazed!

The left photo is the following day of my chin augmentation and lip reshape surgery. I wore the compressive garment on the face to help reduce the swelling. For my lip reshape surgery, you can see the stitches for now but it is an absorbable suture, it will disappear in time. Amazingly, no terrible swelling and bruises. I feel fine ^^ Dr. Kolawach has a gentle hands. I am so lucky ^^

This is one month after my chin augmentation and lip reshape surgery. No more swelling, no bruises. I am so back to my normal life. My friends told me I look so natural. Nobody can tell I did surgery, but I look different and so beautiful, they said ^^ I so agree to them hahahha

So this is me now, beauty achieved! My mission has finally fulfilled by Dr. Kolawach.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all DRK team, especially to Dr. Kolawach who was patient to me with all my questions and explained to me one by one. Thank you also doctor for making me beautiful. I will surely come back for more ^^ hahaha maybe buccal fat removal would be next? Hmmmm ^^

Thank you for reading my friends! ^^

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