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Jaw Alignment Surgery by Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach

Jaw surgery is the only solution to improve my lifestyle and my routine in a more convenient and comfortable way.

I am sending my warmest greetings to everyone out there who are my loyal supporters and for those who don’t know me yet- I invite you to read my review about how my life changed after I had Jaw Alignment Surgery with DRK.

As you can all see, my lower and upper jaw (the mandible and maxilla) are asymmetric to each other. This condition is congenital, meaning I was born with this impairment, which caused me to have difficulties with chewing/eating/swallowing food, speaking, and sleep apneas. I have suffered all my childhood until adulthood with this condition, and up to now as I am a beauty blogger, I must perform well in front of my viewers and must deliver my spiels clearly and nicely to them.

It’s been a tough pursuit in looking for the PERFECT surgeon to do this major operation for me, as it is my first major surgery I am of course scared to do it. And the only thing that can make me confident and feel secured is to find the best surgeon in town.

Before my Jaw surgery with Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach.

I got braces now, somehow I felt discomfort at first but I got used to it. And I keep in mind that this is all for a better life. Can’t wait to have that Jaw alignment surgery.

After my consultation with doctors, I was advised to do:

1. Braces to correct the malocclusion of my teeth for a approximately 6-8 months. Then I will go back and check with them again.

2. Then I will have CT SCAN for my facial bone structure to get a precise visualization of my jaw.

3. Actual Model of my facial bone structure or skull will be done by medical experts for better viewing and will be used as basis during the operation.

44. I will have 4D simulations to discuss efficiently the expected result and how the operational procedure will be.

**At the hospital, before my jaw surgery**

During my Jaw alignment surgery with Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach.

I had the operation done in JCI accredited hospital which is the Samitivej, under general anesthesia. I didn’t feel any unsafe and trouble before putting into sleep, because the hospital is trustworthy and all the medical staffs are very professional, more to that my selected surgeons are the best so that I truly believe that nothing will go wrong.

I was admitted one night at the hospital for close monitoring of my vitals and wait to completely stabilize my condition. All my system is ok, just that my face is swollen. Hahahha Doctors visited me the following day and checked me- good to know I was alright to go back home.

Swelling days…. I can’t go out yet, I have to be at home and rest. Doctors advised me to eat soft food like porridge, oat meal, eggs and the like so that I don’t have to chew hard. Also refrain from eating and drinking hot and spicy food to prevent irritation by my incisions inside the mouth.

In two weeks, the swelling has slowly subsided and I feel better each day. I can slowly go back to normal things at home.

3 weeks and getting better! I can see the difference now... although it is still swollen, I have to be more patient to wait and see the final outcome.

3-4 months after my Jaw Alignment surgery with DRK.

Now back to beauty blogging. I made a review of my first launched pictorial of the month. I miss everybody so much and coming back on the show makes me feel loved as they welcomed me warmly.

I had a photoshoot today for my new blog. Everyone in the room was amazed to see my new look, and they said that I look more beautiful in the photos now. I feel so happy to get good impression from my workmates.

People say I look like her, Korean actress hahaha My confidence is over the roof now!

Evidently, my lifestyle has improved after I had Jaw Alignment surgery. Now I don’t have any problems with eating, speaking and sleeping. All my troubles have gone, and in addition to that my self confidence have boosted. I couldn’t believe my life can change this easily.

I would like to thank Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach for changing my life in a most comfortable and easy way. I didn’t have any complications and my expectations are more than attained.

My happiness is incomparable and unexplainable, I will forever be grateful to DRK for everything they have done for me. I love you all!

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