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Forehead, cheeks and temples Fat graft for Gold Balance Facial Contour

Fat graft to fill hollowness of the face and create a more balance facial contour is the safest procedure to have.

Hi guys, I'm August. I would like to give you a sneak peek of my fat graft beauty procedure done at DRK.

Forehead Augmentation

I am very insecure of my flat forehead, cheeks and temples. It looks like it's not balance, and my face look depressed.

I didn't want to have any implant or filler to inject on my face because I'm afraid to have complications from filler and big operations if I will do the silicone implant.

I asked my model friends where they can recommend me to have a consultation, and they said DRK is the most famous beauty center in Thailand.

Forehead Augmentation

I checked DRK on website and their facebook page, from doctors, facilities and patients' reviews. Everything I saw was incredible, the results are remarkably beautiful and they have a good reputation in the country.

Even other countries are coming to have a surgery with them, also some celebrities. That's why I am definite to do the surgery with them.

Forehead Augmentation

I'm so happy to be here at DRK clinic now. Everybody is very accommodating and friendly. They all treat me well and give me all the information I need for my planned surgery.

When I talked to Dr. Beer, he explained to me thoroughly how's the procedure is going to be. He will remove some unwanted parts on my thighs for about 50 or more, some will be processed for stem cell activation and combine it with the fat graft and inject it to my forehead, cheeks, laugh lines and temple areas.

The operation will be minor only, local anesthesia and then I asked for sedation I would feel 100% comfortable the entire surgery.

Forehead Augmentation

**Immediately after my fat graft operation**

See, there are no terrible bruises and the incision site is very small like a bite of a mosquito. But doc has to cover it to prevent bacteria from contaminating the wounds.

The operation went well as far, and now I'm going to wait until everything is permanent and see the full survival of the fat graft.

Forehead Augmentation

My recovery is very fast, as if I didnt have any surgery done.

I have no bruises, no scars and no pain at all.

The result is remarkable, I can see the changes of my face and the new balanced contour made me look younger, because it made my face plump.

Forehead Augmentation

This is me 1 month after the fat graft procedure with Dr. Beer

As for now, it is the final look. People say I look beautiful and like a KPOP Star.

I am very happy with my new look. and to think that it is natural because I use my own fat to fill my face hollowness.

Forehead Augmentation

2 months after my fat graft procedure.

My insecurities about my face has gone now. I got the look that I want, young, balanced, plump and natural. the most important thing is that it is permanent and harmless. I wont worry for any complication in the future.

Big thanks to my Beauty Maker, Dr. Beer for making me beautiful and safe during and after the procedure. My life has changed because of the new look I have and the confidence I have gained after the operation..

Also big hugs and kisses to all DRK staff for being my new sweet friends.

See you all very soon! ^^

Forehead Augmentation

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