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Heart Shaped Lips is perfect for Lovely girls!

Lip reshape surgery by DRK gives you the most attractive HEART SHAPED lips ever!

Hi everyone, my name in Minmin, let me share with you my beauty journey with DRK. It started when I realized that the lips can bring sexiness to one’s face. And since my lips are dull and straight, I want to put curve on it.

As I searched on the internet what can be the best style for my lips, other clinics suggest filler injection, but it’s not what I’m looking for. Fuller lips don’t go along with my face.

I talked to so many surgeons, and they do have the same advice, fuller lips. Just not my style.

One day, DRK cross along in my research and as I read the reviews from their patients, it got me all fascinated.

When talking to Dr. Beer, he explained to me that I he can define the shape of my lips by creating a heart shape on the upper lip. I got very excited and I fully agreed on his advice.

Today is my lip reshape surgery and I’m so excited to get it all done!

DRK staff prepared me for the surgery and assisted me with all the necessary pre-operation measurements to get me ready. The medical personnel are very professional in rendering services.

The OR facility is very securing by how managed it is, clean and sterile environment with proper utilities needed for operation and recovery.

Everything is perfect, it felt like I am having an operation in a high standard hospital.

**before the surgery**

I am prepared and excited to do the lip reshape surgery with Dr. Beer!

Wow! In less than an hour, my lips are defined and the day I will gain more confidence!

The operation was very assuring and comfortable because Dr. Beer made me feel safe all the time. His hands were very gentle it didn’t give me any discomfort or fear of getting hurt.

I am so happy that I chose Dr. Beer to do the lip reshape surgery for me, everything went well.

**2 days after my lip reshape surgery**

Upper lip is still swollen as for today but not painful and amazingly no terrible bruises. The stitches are still showing but once the sutures are gone, it look better.

For now I make sure that I don’t irritate my lips by eating or drinking hot and spicy food.

I apply cold packs to help reduce the swelling faster. And the rest is alright.

**3 days after my lip reshape surgery**

**1 week after lip reshape surgery**

The transformation of my lips is surprisingly amazing, the shape is perfectly designed and no scars or any sign of bad surgery.

I am very satisfied with the result I got, and I healed very fast in just a week. My operation is really a big success ^^

** before and after**

After my lip reshape surgery, I gained more confidence about myself. My friends always tell me that my face looked different so as my mood. I feel so jolly and feisty, it is because I feel great inside.

I don’t need to draw lipstick to make a heart shape lips, now the lipstick goes along with the shape of my heart shaped lips. Isn’t it a twist of fate? hahahha

Thanks to my Beauty Maker Dr. Beer for these kissable lips and leveled up confidence. My face and my body now look sexy more than ever, they synergize together.

DRK team is the best! From the receptionists, admins, doctors, medical personnel, facilities and services. Thank you for taking care of me and making me who I am now. You will forever be part of my life.

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