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Facial Lifting and Firming through Silhouette Thread Lift by Dr. Kolawach

Defy Aging through nonsurgical procedure by Silhouette Lift at DRK.

Thread Lift will bring you 10 years back.

Hi guys, I would like to share to you my amazing beauty procedure done at DRK with Dr. Kolawach.

So I have this loose and saggy facial skin due to aging, but I don’t want to have surgery like face lift. I want something mild and easy. I am also afraid to have downtime because I have to work.

I talked to many doctors around Bangkok and they gave me some Botox injections and some lasers, but the problem is still there.

One day I saw DRK on TV and take a look at them in the internet. I was very fascinated with the facilities, doctors’ profile and patient reviews.

As I talked to Dr. Kolawach and told him that I don’t want to have extraneous surgical procedure, he led me to thread lift.

Thread Lift using Silhouette Lift from USA will lift the sagginess of my skin face for about 3 yrs. This is enough for me, at least I have to repeat it in 3 yrs and there would be no downtime meaning no swelling, no bruises and no pain.

**Before and After my Silhouette Thread Lift at DRK with Dr. Kolawach**

My lower cheeks, jaw line and the temporal are all lifter and tightened. It is 6 months now since my thread lift procedure. The result give me a different look, a more younger appearance.

**1 yr after my Silhouette Thread Lift at DRK**

I still have the same facial lift and firm. My friends say that I look younger and slimmer face.

I am so happy that after a year, I still see the firmness and tightness of my facial skin. Dr. Kolawach really did a very good technique for inserting the silhouette threads.

It’s been almost 3 yrs now and I still look the same months after my silhouette thread lift.

It is really amazing procedure for face lift for people who don’t want to do surgical operations.


I am confident to say that I am so natural and didn’t do any plastic surgery, just cosmetic procedure hahahaha

I feel so natural and young and beautiful.

Thank you Dr. Kolawach for making me beautiful and confident.

I will come back soon for another session. ^^

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