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Face lifting through Thread Lift by Dr. Kolawach

Hi, I'm Mr Canon -proud to say I did COG Thread lift in DRK. Usually, I do lasers for lifting because I am so scared to have surgery. But after so many sessions, I still have the saggy face skin. Until my friends recommended me to do thread lift in DRK. I didn't have second thought because I heard about them and they have good reviews and feedback from their patients. The doctors have good reputation and good credentials. During my consultation, the doctor have given me the information the procedure, there I knew that the thread they use is form Korea, which is used by 80% of Koreans and other Asians in younger age for face lifting.

The doctor explained to me that the procedure is not painful because she will induce local anesthesia, and it really didn't give me any uncomfortable sensation at all. I was very relaxed the whole operation. The procedure was semi-invasive method, and the areas treated on me was my cheeks and jowls. I have ease and shorter down-time which this is a big advantage to me because I work almost everyday and I have to be on the go.

One of the most important thing is that, DRK provides a very high standard of medical facilities including the Operating Room area. The department has clearly maintained it with excellence to give assurance to their patients an infection control and aseptic environment. This has made me confident to do my thread lift right away. My intuition told me that this is the perfect clinic, and my intuition didn't fail me.

Everyone in DRK has rendered me goo service, from my appointment to the doctor until my recovery period. They assisted me with everything I need to do every step of the which has given me the best operation process and no confusion whatsoever.

Now, I am very happy with my firmed and lifted face. I feel 10 years younger, plus I don't need to go back to have facial lasers. Thanks to DRK for making this transformation easy and possible. Bless you.

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