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Lovely Dolly Eyes Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Korn

Natural long lasting beautiful attractive eyes by Dr. Korn

Hi guys, Mai here is back again for another makeover story. If you remember me, or for those who still haven’t seen my previous review, I did rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach. And this time, I am sharing with you my transformation through double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn.

**before I had double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn**

My eyes look like I just woke up, and like I had overslept. Sometimes I get the impression that I had cried the whole day and night for having such upper eye swelling.

I look so typical Asian. I want to improve my eye impression by changing it and enhancing more definition so I would look like half Asian and half uhmmmm Brazilian… 5555

Before I had double eyelid surgery

As a makeup artist, the eye is important to express the emotion and catch the attention of the audience. The eyes will bring emphasis to the face’s aim to express.

But in my case, since my eyes are so puffy like most Asians, it is difficult to style and put makeup. I need to apply cosmetic stickers for the eyelid.

That’s why I decided to do surgery and enhance its definition.

Of course, DRK is my ultimate Beauty Maker, I believe in their works because I have proven it to myself after doing the rhinoplasty with them. And the technique they do is by the team of doctors, that’s why they have a signature technique to each procedure whether whoever the surgeon is going to perform.

**immediately after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn**

It is still swollen now, but amazingly there are no terrible bruises and no bleeding.

Dr. Korn applied the BLOODLESS technique as DRK’s signature method for all kind of surgery.

**2nd day after my double eyelid surgery**

Still swollen, but I feel better each day. All I do is take the medicines that were prescribed to me and apply cold packs to the area to help reduce the swelling.

**4 days after I had double eyelid surgery**

**5th day after my double eyelid surgery with Dr. Korn**

My recovery is very fast and comfortable. I didn’t undergo hardships during the first few days. Everything is bearable and manageable.

Dr. Korn’s hands were very gentle, it didn’t cause harm to my eyes.

**6th day after my double eyelid**

Marvelous! That’s what my friends say!

Within a week, I look normal but of course beautiful than ever!

**10 days after my double eyelid surgery**

People say I look like European now, and that’s part of the goal I wanna achieve.

I am so happy that I now look like a half Asian and half something European which I find very amusing.

Taking a photo with the best surgeon for double eyelid, Dr. Korn.

I am very proud of having the surgery with him, because he made my dreams come true with extraordinary outcome!

I am very confident with the new look of my eyes, I no longer use cosmetic stickers or heavy eyelids and eye shadows to have an expressive look.

Thank you Dr. Korn for making my dreams come true! ^^

Guys, if you want to look beautiful and confident about yourself, the change starts from you.

Grab the chance, and make it happen.

Try DRK, consult with them, and compare.

Good luck! ^^

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