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Look younger than your age by Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach

I’d love to look younger, I’d love to be like pretty girls on TV and magazines

but my face looks old, and I don’t know what specifically about it that gives me

an older face.

I talked to many doctors, had skin care products, have laser treatments and my

skin looks good and I don’t know what else to change. My nose is ok and eyes are

ok. And still my face looks old. I always have the first impression from people assuming

my age is older than the actual.

So I started looking around for good doctors, what I asked is “what should I do to

make me look younger. I don’t’ seem I’m sure what’s wrong with my skin.” And all of

them said botox, filler etc. I did those treatments but nothing really changed that much.

Changes were only 10-20% from how I really look like originally. No one could even notice

I did something.

When I tried watching TV, I saw this celebrity who did very stunning changes in

her face. I was so amazed I looked up on her on the internet, and luckily I found

she did surgery with Dr. Kolawach. I immediately looked up about him and to my

surprise he is much known in Thailand. I knew to myself this is the doctor I’ve been

looking for all these years.

During my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, he advised me to do buccal fat removal as

my face is sagging due to the fat and affects the gravity which makes me look older.

And he advised that with augmenting the chin prominence will give a more balance

shape to my face, because my facial structure is square and not applicable for most women in this era.

Of course, it opened my mind to this fact and I know he is telling the truth. My family and

friends also agreed to it.

This is me before I did buccal fat removal and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

Notice how chubby my face is. Not really the typical face for my age, and give more fat

impression and the cheeks are sagging makes me look older as I should look.

This is 3rd day after I had buccal fat removal and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

I was so amazed with the operation because it was bloodless technique, had a minimal

swelling and no bruises at all. I was advised to wear compressive face garment for three

days to help reduce the swelling faster and apply ice on the area as well. Other than that,

everything is good. No pain as well, but then I must not eat any spicy and hot food and

drinks to prevent it from irritating the stitches inside my cheeks.

One week after I had buccal fat removal and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

I am very happy to be back to my normal routine, I can eat my favorite spicy food now

and drink coffee and tea. Everything is back to how it’s used to be. My friends also said

that my face kinda look smaller now. They asked me if I do diet hahaha

2nd week after my Buccal Fat Removal surgery and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

My face is slimmer now, no more swelling. My friends are so curious what happened to my face. Hahaha

1 month after my Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation surgery. I feel so sexy with

my vshape face and I look so much younger. Now I ask some people, I don’t have the

impression of looking older than my age.

Getting funky with Vshape face after 2months from my buccal fat removal surgery and

chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach. My confidence now is growing. This feeling of

contentment and happiness in my heart is very heartwarming.

Before and after my Buccal Fat Surgery and chin augmentation with Dr. Kolawach.

All the people around me have noticed the changes on how I look. Everyone was

stunned to see me change in just a few months.

I am very lucky to have Dr. Kolawach as my doctor, I made the right decision for choosing

him to be the instrument in making my life happier, I am looking forward for more surgeries

in the future and I definitely recommend all of you to go visit DRK and see their greatness for yourself.

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