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Gold Balanced face Chin Augmentation

Balance your facial structure by enhancing chin prominence. Chin augmentation using silicon from the USA with a screw to secure the silicon in place. The quality of the silicon provides a natural feeling to touch and durability is lifelong. No Downtime, no bruises, and minimal swelling!

**1 month after I had chin augmentation at DRK**

My beauty journey with DRK has been very life changing and remarkably fascinating.

My deepest concerned about my facial structure is having a blunt chin, and that makes my face look rectangle. I really hate it, I never felt fine with that shape, and so I was looking for ways to enhance my look.

I read about Vshape face which is the trending look now in Asia. Most girls dig for this kind of beauty because it goes along with any style and it looks cute to everybody especially Asians.

**3 months after my chin augmentation with Dr. Beer**

So I looked hard around Bangkok, had a consultation with so many different doctors, look at their facilities but nothing got me. I felt like there was something missing. So I kept looking.

One day, I saw ads on my facebook and that's DRK. I checked their page, website and reviews from patients. I was very amazed with the results and feedback. So I made an appointment to see Dr. Beer.

**3mos after my chin augmentation with Dr. Beer**

My consultation with Dr. Beer gave me more knowledge about balance facial structure and opened my mind to facial definition. In my case, doing a chin augmentation will create a VShape of my face and prominence to my chin area. My receding chin will be balanced by adding silicone as a volume to it.

Dr. Beer explained to me thoroughly and clearly the procedure and the expected result.

I felt very confident about our whole consultation and the expected outcome.

I didn't have second thought to do the chin augmentation with him.

**before and after I had chin augmentation**

The result really changed my look, and it is what we expected. even more beautiful than what I have imagined.

I feel very happy with how I look now, my relatives and friends told me that I really look different in a very beautiful way.

** weeks after I had my chin augmentation with Dr. Beer**

I have achieved the Vshape face that I desired for so long, and now my face don't look rectangle anymore.

People say I look Korean, I am very happy that I chose and trust Dr. Beer as my Beauty Maker.

I feel very confident with the changes I had, and the new person I become. I feel happy inside and it shows outside.

Thank you Dr. Beer for making me beautiful and ensuring me the safety and easy fast recovery.

Thanks to DRK team for always checking up on me and making sure that I am fine during and after the procedure.

See you all again the soonest! ^^

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