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Chin Augmentation VShape Program by Dr. Beer

Achieve a balance facial structure through prominent chin.

Hi everyone, I'm Pat. If you have a problem with short chin and receding chin bone, the best to have it contoured and look prominent is to have Chin augmentation by silicone implant. Many of you might think that surgery and implant might be too much and injecting filler much be better, but as I have talked to Dr. Beer I have clearly understood the advantage of silicone implant than filler.

Here's my story...

To start, I was always feeling insecure about my chin receding. It is not proportionate to my facial structure.

I researched about procedures that is possible to resolve this problem. I have two choices, filler injection and silicone implant.

I would like to know more about it, but I need a good doctor do help me understand clearly the difference between the two.

I am lucky to know few celebrities that has done surgery at DRK. They recommend me Dr. Beer and they showed me the feedback and reviews from the patient. Everyone who had surgery with Dr. Beer is very satisfied and the result is magnificent.

So I didnt have second thought and made an appointment for consultation.

Upon talking to Dr. Beer, I asked him if I do filler what would happen. He explained that the desired result will be achieved, although even the filler is distributed to the perfect spot, it's effect is difficult to predict. it can lead to uneveness result. Also, it is not permanent, and if the time will come that I want to remove it, it will be difficult for my part.

The advantage of silicone implant is that, the implant is positioned and will remain in the area secured by a screw to assure that the implant will not be depositioned no matter what the patient will do or have extreme activities. Also, if in the future I want a different design and change it, it is very easy to remove. No complication at all.

Dr. Beer's explanation really made me feel confident to do the chin augmentation with him.

The next thing is my surgery!

**3 days after my Chin Augmentation with Dr. Beer**

The operation was a success! I had no bleeding, no bruises, very minimal swelling and manageable pain. I was advised to apply cold pack over the chin to help reduce the swelling faster. Other than that, I am perfectly fine!

**5 days after my Chin augmentation surgery**

Now it's less swollen, I am beginning to feel so much better!

**7 days after my chin augmentation surgery**

Now, I went outside to meet few friends. There's no problem to go out, although I feel a bit shy so I wear a mask.

All my friends were surprised to see a very nice result, and they said I look so different now. They also ask me if it's painful, and I said no, not at all!

**1 month after my Chin Augmentation Surgery**

**1 month after my Chin Augmentation Surgery**

Whoa!! Look at that guys! I look so much different after my chin augmentation surgery with DRK! Even I myself are amazed and surprised with the changes that I have achieved! I feel so confident and satisfied with the result!

Chin Augmentation surgery results to look my face slimmer and V in shape.

This surgical procedure will help achieve a more balance and proportionate facial structure.

I did the right thing for choosing silicone implant rather than filler injection. This result is permanent and long lasting, more to very securing that the silicone is placed by a screw.

No more swelling, no more pain! My life is back to normal but looking and feeling more confident!

VShape face is achieved! I am a winner and Dr. Beer helped me gain this look and confidence!

I am very lucky with Dr. Beer as my ultimate Beauty Maker! All the patients' reviews are real! From the consultation to the procedure to the recovery and up to the result! I would surely recommend DRK to my friends and they will be part of my beauty maintenance forever!

Thank you DRK for taking care of me! I love you! ^^

You can check more of my beauty revelations and beauty journey with DRK at my Instagram account at @pinpat2. Hope to see you guys! Thank you for your support! ^^ [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

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