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Men Korean Style Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Beer

Rhinoplasty Nose

Men must have different style for nose line, to look masculine and appealing.

Hi guys, I am Nampook from Thailand. And I would like to share with you how I got my confidence that changed my life for the better.

I had a rhinoplasty before and it was looking nice before because it was the trend. But as days go by, it don't seem to look right on me. It is too straight, too big and too pointy. People could notice my silicone right away on first sight because the silicone is too bulgy and unnatural which is why it is very noticeable.

As people could notice that I did rhinoplasty, it began to affect my confidence. I don't feel fine whenever I get the comment of having the nose job, meaning it doesn't look natural.

It came to me that I need to change my silicone, a better one. But I must do it with the best doctor so I would achieve the best nose for me.

I did my research painstakingly, very careful vetting and judgment to each clinic or hospital and doctor. I don't want to hurry things again, because once I redo my nose, it has to be the last one.

I came across DRK plastic surgery center, what amazes me is that the transformation of their patients are all incredible. Without second thought, I made an appointment with Dr. Beer right away.

During the assessment, Dr. Beer and I came to a conclusion that for my style, he will make a natural slope to my implant, not too straight because it will look too fake. As he measure my nose and the angle needed, he will customize the design specifically for me.

Rhinoplasty Nose

**right after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

The operation was very securing and comforting. Seeing the DRK facility, it's like I'm having the surgery in the hospital. The technology being used for my care and surgery is indeed a state of the art. Plus the patient care given by the medical personnels were such a high standard quality service.

Moreover, Dr. Beer's performance was the best I ever had. No pain, no discomfort. The whole operation was so relaxing and easy.

Rhinoplasty Nose

**1st day**

My nose is a bit swollen but there are no terrible bruises, and no pain at all.

I am very happy I don't look like a zombie.

Dr. Beer's hands were very expert for causing me no harm ^^

Rhinoplasty Nose

**2nd day after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

Getting better each day

Rhinoplasty Nose

**3rd day**

I feel fine today, so I went out and meet some friends ^^

Rhinoplasty Nose

**4th day after my revision rhinoplasty**

No more bandages on my nose. I am happy to see progression on my nose.

Rhinoplasty Nose

**5th day after**

Rhinoplasty Nose

**6th day after**

Rhinoplasty Nose

**7th day after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

I went to DRK for my follow up. I am very happy and impressed with the result within just a week. Less swelling, and so I can see the slope line of my nose.

Rhinoplasty Nose

**8th day after**

I am very satisfied with the outcome, I have achieved the Korean Style Nose line, a very natural and incredible look.

Dr. Beer is really an expert for rhinoplasty for giving me the best look that I can be without complication.

Rhinoplasty Nose

Men must also be confident, not just girls can be vain about themselves. We all do deserve to be happy about how we look like, because no matter people say that the look is just superficial, but it affects us inside.

And now, my confidence is my source of happiness, and I have gained it because of DRK, Dr. Beer and the whole team.

I will forever be grateful for giving the look the I desired. Thank you....

Rhinoplasty Nose

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