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V-Shape Facial Contour Combo Chin Augmentation and Buccal Fat Removal Surgery by Dr. Kolawach

Achieve Perfect V Facial Feature in one -time operation and recover immediately in less than a week!

This review might help those who have the same problem as mine who has the same chubby cheeks and short blunt chin that makes the face look round and fatty.

Some tips I am going to share to all of you and I hope you enjoy reading! ^^

Like many of us, most Asian typical facial contour is round or oval faces. Unlike other races, they have a strong feature of V or Model Square face, which means it's not a fatty face shape.

Round and oval face shape is never sexy, well some say it looks cute, but it's not my type. I know many of us wanna have that sexy look like the trendy Korean Style of face today.

My chubby cheeks and short chin always gives me the impression of being fat. When people see me, they always say I got fat, I gained weight, but the truth is I didn't. I am very tired of accepting this comments everyday and so I decided I needed to change it.

I want to gain confindence. The confidence that I see in most people who were brave and courageous to change their look.

So my next assignment is to find the best doctor that will give me the Vshape and get rid of my chubby cheeks without complications in the future.

Nowadays, as plastic surgery grows the number of doctors shift to doing plastic surgery is growing rapidly as well. By saying that, plastic surgeons are everywhere yet there are a higher chance that doing cosmetic surgery with just anybody is also not 100% successful.

So when choosing the surgeon, it has to be more than 10 years in experience, outstanding background profile, patient's review and feedback. Once you see these qualifications, go and have consultation.

During the consultation, you have to make sure that you and your doctor have 100% clear understanding of what you want and what he will do to achieve it. Both of you must reach to a mutual and realistic result and agree to all terms. Do not leave the consultation room with questions and doubts in your head.

When I found DRK on the internet, and I am very impressed with their facilities, doctors' profile and patients feedback. I made a consultation with Dr. Kolawach.

Upon talking to Dr. Kolawach, he explained to me that I can do buccal fat removal and chin augmentation to give me the Vshape contour that I desire. These combination of procedure will surely reduce my chubby cheeks and will make my face not round anymore.

I agree with his terms and ready to do the surgery with him! I am so excited to change my face and gain confidence that I've been longing for!

**The day of my Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation surgery**

After the operation which took for an hour or so, it was very securing and relaxing. It didnt give me any discomforts during the surgery because Dr. Kolawach's hands were very gentle.

**2 days after my buccal fat removal and chin augmentation**

It is still swollen this time, that'w why i have to wear this facial compressive garment for 24hrs and apply ice pack to help reduce swelling. Surprisingly, there are no bruises and very minimal pain .

**5 days after my buccal fat removal and chin augmentation augmentation**

Marvelous!! I looks so normal!! my face is back to normal! So incredible, my recovery is very fast! this is because of Dr. Kolawach's BLOODLESS technique!

** 10 days after my buccal fat removal and chin augmentation**

My combo vshape plastic surgery is a success! People are saying that I look different than before!

I will start to see the slimming of my cheeks from the buccal fat removal when my cheeks is completely not swollen which may take up to 3months.

My chin prominence now has improved and contributed a lot to my Vshape face!

I feel so incredible now! I can't wait to finally see its end result!

**comparison of 1week before and after : Buccal fat removal and chin augmentation**

Notice the big difference guys! I have achieved the looks that I want! Thanks to Dr. Kolawach for making my dreams come true!

I am more than happy about how I look right now. People say my face is slimmer and sexier than before. I receive lots of compliments from my friends and my family. And my mood has changed, I feel so alive and positive, I don't feel so shy anymore.

I am really lucky to have Dr. Kolawach as my Beauty Maker. He made it possible for me to be beautiful in a very easy and safe process. I love how doctor took care of me during and after the operation. Also the DRK staff are very nice and they always give me comfort and information I need.

So for those who are thinking wanting to have Vshape, I invite you all to have the free consultation with DRK surgeons. I assure you, you will not waste your time!

See you next time for more beauty revelations ^^

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