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Fat Filler Stem Cell Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach

Hi everyone, my name is Stephanie Cruz, I am here to give my review about the lipofilling fat transfer I had at DRK, done by my wonderful and specialized surgeon –Dr. Kolawach. As a model and beauty contestant, the main source of my job is my physical appearance as it should be one of the assets I have to maintain and keep in shape. Albeit all my efforts in attaining flawless beauty, I have a problem with my nose, it was a congenital condition which leaves me a deviated nose. The shape of the alar is asymmetric by a lacking tissue on the left side. I’ve been having this deformity since I was born until my profession needs me to correct it. I started to ask my fellows and friends where I can find a good surgeon who can perfectly address my issue. Fortunately, majority of my fellow models did surgery at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. I’ve seen very impressive results and incredible feedback from them, so I decided to meet the famous Dr. K…

When I come to visit DRK, everybody was very accommodating and friendly to me from the reception to the nurses, and all staff has warmly welcomed me. During my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, I felt relieved with his thorough explanation about my supposed surgery. He assured me that my deviated nose will be corrected by lipofilling using my own fat with fat serum stem cell for making it last forever. Without hesitation, I did the nose augmentation by fat transfer right away. After a few days, I was astounded to see the result.

It was the very first time I saw myself with perfectly symmetric nose. I don’t have to worry about having photoshoots or attend runways. My friends are happy to see it as well, and they say it was very natural. I had no bruises and very minimal swelling. I had a press conference the following day and I was ready for it.

Thank you DRK for making my dreams possible. Thank you making me feels great about myself. More power to you and Dr. Kolawach. Keep up the excellent job. See you again! Mwaaahhh

This is me before the fat filler rhinoplasty. You can notice that my nose is kinda deviated. It's not the bone, it's the fat accumulation on the other side is less than the other. This is my congenital condition.

This is the hallow area of my nose. This area gives my nose an illustration that it looks slanted.

This is right after the fat filler with stem cell injection rhinoplasty. You can see that it has more volume than it should be. Dr. Kolawach did that in purpose, because after this procedure, 20-30% of the fat injected will be absorbed by the body, that is normal. Though because of the stem cell added, other fat volume injected will remain. so that the fat this over injected fat will be dissolve and the result will be perfect. ^-^

While doctor is doing this procedure, it wasn't painful at all. His hands are so gentlle. I was so relax the entire operation.

This is my fat with stem cell ^-^

Had a modeling 5 days after. No downtime procedure, so nice ^-^

I took a selfie one week after the fat filler stem cell injection procedure. ^-^ my nose looks the same now yeheyyyy!

This is me now... See, my nose is soooooo perfect and Im so confident in all angle. Thank you Dr. Kolawach ^-^

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