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Redesign Nose Line with Revision Rhinoplasty Dr. Kolawach

Hi friends, my name is Miss Cawaii 2008 representing Thailand, I am here to give my review about my revision rhinoplasty at DRK.

I originally had a wide and my nose tip pointed up made me look like a chipmunk. My friends sometimes made fun of it which kinda pissed me off but since they are my friends- I love them so I just laughed it out. Actually, my special friend once offered me to open my mind to plastic surgery, at first I wasn’t really into any type of surgery, but because I was starting to open a new career that oblige me to be very compete and requires perfect beauty, I decided to have my first ever rhinoplasty at sukhumvit 22 cosmetic surgery center because I saw their website and I thought it’s ok. They have a good website, good publication- so I decided to do there.

The doctor told me that the silicon is made in Thailand, and that time (since it was my first time) I didn’t have much knowledge about the advantage and disadvantage of types of silicon and where it is made from. So I just said yes and did surgery anyway.

After my surgery, I felt that my nose got even bigger, I was really worried about it. But the doctor said it was just swelling, so I believed him. Then after 3 weeks, it was really obvious that it wasn’t just swollen, the silicon is actually big. The horrifying part was, the silicon was too short which gives my tip more upright and made me look like a pig. My parents were not happy with the result as well, and I cannot continue to pursue with my career with a nose like this. We went back to the clinic but the doctor was very reluctant to talk to me or even have the responsibility to explain to me why I had a result like that. The professionalism was gone after the surgery, unlike before having the surgery- the doctor talked like an angel, and now doesn’t even have the courtesy to take care of me and acting like the result was my fault.

I really felt so depressed and devastated with the result, and the hard part was I endured it for more than 2 years. I was very cautious in looking for the next doctor to fix it for me. I don’t want anything like that happen to me ever again. So what I did in two years was finding the best doctor in Thailand.

With great fortune, my fellow model did a surgery at DRK, and she said that the doctor was so professional and expert. I saw her face and it was very beautiful result, it amazed me so much I felt jealous. So I called DRK and make an appointment to see the doctor.

This is my before photo, do you that large and round nose tip, also the silicone is very short.

When I met Dr. Kolawach for consultation, I felt right away that he understands my situation and the condition of my nose. He relieved the agony of pig nose and promised me the nose I am yearning to have for years. He explained me very well how the procedure will be and the expected result. He was very clear and precise with his advice, and made me understand the outcome.

I was impressed that the silicon is from the US, which gives me more confident that the quality is excellent.

Since my operation is revision rhinoplasty and not the simple one, I pay a little bit more than the ordinary cases. But it is totally fine with me. I realized that money is not as important as myself if the point of coming is about improving my appearance.

** One day after my revision rhinoplasty. You can see that my face has no bruise, not swollen and definitely no pain **.

** The second day of my revision rhinoplasty. Much better than yesterday. You can see clearly that I have no bruises. And the tip (OHH WOW) ^-^ **. DRK staff comforted me a lot with my recovery process, they called me and texted me to remind me the do’s and don’t’s after care. These photos I sent them from my home as the way of checking up how I was.

** Silicone Thailand Blue Canary **

** The new Happy Me. ^-^** after 1 month of my revision rhinoplasty.

I couldn’t express how happy I am with my nose right now.

Now, I am very satisfied with my nose right now, and all of my friends are very happy about it. They never make fun of me again, and my career is getting bigger. After winning the Ms. Kawaii Thailand, there were many invites and auditions accepted me.

I have my biggest thanks to DRK and Dr. Kolawach for giving me this opportunity to look better and more beautiful than ever. This has changed me and my life forever.

I will surely tell all my friends and loved ones how excellent DRK is and refer them all to DRK surgeons. Because I believe that DRK is the best plastic surgery

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