Fat Transfer with Stem Cell Enriched Forehead Augmentation by Dr. Beer

Gold Facial Balance with Forehead augmentation through fat transfer with stem cell enriched formula assures the most natural and long lasting result.

**before fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation**

Hi guys, I’m Ploy. I am somehow a Net Idol here in Bangkok. Some people might know me and see me in some shows. Hello there lovelies!

I am here to share my beauty journey with DRK. As you can see, I am pretty already hahaha but I still see that there’s missing… I feel that my forehead is just too flat. And I see some suppression in some areas like the hair line and temporal.

**before fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation **

There’s a new study now that says that the perfect balance of face is divided into 3. And my ration on the lower part and center seems to be perfect but my forehead. It is too depressed, that makes it look flat. My cheeks are also deep and I have laugh lines.

**before fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation**

I finally made up my mind to do fat transfer forehead augmentation at DRK.

Dr. Beer is known to be the best to do fat transfer and he had made lots of cases for fat transfer in the forehead. I made a consultation appointment with him right away.

Finally at DRK clinic, it was very easy to come here, because it is close to BTS train station and I can avoid traffic, I can come here anytime without thinking if it’s a rush hour. It is also near to Express way or Toll way, so whenever I want to drive to come here I can use the express way to avoid the traffic. Good location and very accessible.

My consultation with Dr. Beer went well, he is very professional as expected. He gave me a realistic expectation on how will the result look like.

The procedure would be extracting a fat from my thighs, some will be in centrifuge to process for stem cell formula and some will be injected as fats to fill my forehead and laugh lines.

Since this is just a minor surgery, I will do the operation at DRK center, which is more convenient for me, because I feel the exclusivity and VIP treatment. Most importantly, DRK OR facility is highly secured from any infection and bacteria.

**after fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation**

I feel incredible after the surgery, the operation was not painful at all. It was very relaxing, because I had local anesthesia and Dr. Beer’s hands were very gentle.

Photos above were my 1st day to 3rd day after the surgery. I had not much swelling, miraculously no bruises, and very minimal pain. I still go outside, although I have to wear mask to protect myself from dirt outside.

**5th day after fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation**

I am totally healed, no more downtime. I can put on makeup as usual and go out with friends. How easy my recovery was! Dr. Beer is indeed so skillful!

I went to DRK for my 7th day follow up with Dr. Beer. I am so lucky to have no complications. Credits to my doctor who is the best surgeon I know!

**14 days after fat transfer for face and forehead augmentation**

**3 weeks after fat transfer for face and forehead**

People say I look very cute with plump cheeks and full forehead. I am very happy with the compliments I am receiving.

**1 month after fat transfer for face and forehead**

I look like a Korean Super Star! Hahaha I got more followers now, and my friends are now going to DRK to have surgery… I am glad that I have influenced people to be brave in changing their looks.

**1 month and 2 weeks after fat transfer for face and forehead**

**2 months after fat transfer for face and forehead**

**2 months and 2 weeks after fat transfer for face and forehead**

I am so happy with my result right now, it is indeed natural and permanent.

I look younger with plump face, the balance that I was desiring is not achieved with the help of my great doctor, Dr. Beer.

I am truly thankful to have him as my Beauty Maker.

Thank you for reading and see you guys!

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