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Forehead Augmentation Real Story Review

Hello friends and viewers, I am here to share my incredible experience of forehead augmentation surgery at DRK with DR. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai.

My situation was different from usual plastic surgery operation, it was not common at all. Forehead augmentation is rare procedural choice for most people who would like to do or did plastic surgery. It was kinda difficult for me to find a good doctor to do the operation because of the uncommon surgical procedure, most surgeons don’t have much experience in doing so, and since no practice, they are not confident and well experienced enough to do the forehead augmentation surgery.

I really felt awful with the shape of my forehead, it was very shallow and leaves me a look of a sick person. It wasn’t proportionate to my facial structure or to any facial structure at all. It seemed like ABNORMAL. I somehow felt depressed with years of looking around the globe for the best doctor. Actually I went to Australia to find a doctor, and my friend there told me that mostly Australians go to Thailand to do plastic surgery because first, there was expensive and second doctors have less actual practice than Thai surgeons. I know that in Thailand, plastic surgery becomes very common and in demand. Every street in big cities has plastic surgery clinics and big hospitals have plastic surgery department as well. We cannot deny the fact that in Thailand, plastic surgery is as famous as McDonalds.

After a long wait, a workmate of mine did a breast augmentation at DRK, and it was so amazing- the result was very natural and the recovery was very easy for her. She only had weekends to do it and come work on Monday. So I got curious with her doctor, I asked her if she can help me talk to her doctor.

Upon arriving in the clinic, my first impression was “Clean ambience and cozy.” For the place and the staff was very welcoming and helpful. While waiting for my turn, in my head I was praying that please this could be it- that this will be the end of my searching. Then when I finally met Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai, I immediately felt that I came to the right place.

Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai explained to me the problem of my forehead, and the best way to correct it is to put implant to fill on the shallow space. He let me understood very well that the implant is also customized according to my need. We discuss the shape and the size efficiently. It really made me very confident and trust him very well.

The pre operational protocol procedure was I taking 4D ct scan to know exactly how my head or skull looked like, and then we all discuss with Dr. Kolawach and his partner surgeon Dr. Chanchai. They measured my forehead and the planned implant and thoroughly discuss with me what would it look like. I agree with the design because it was perfect to me. The shallow curve on my eyebrow will be filled in and will leave a smooth and natural look.

This is when we discuss the simulation of my forehead. The image is my 4D scan head with simulations when I consulted with doctors. They explained how to remove the protruding convex and described very well how would the procedure be and the expected outcome.

This is before my forehead augmentation surgery. You will see that I have a very high brow bone. And the forehead was dented inside.

Observe how the forehead implant fill in the space in my forehead and the upper part of my eyebrow. It was very nice and great.

The operation was not painful of course because I was in general anesthesia hahaha.

At the recovery room to my private room was so comfortable, the staff in the hospital help me to feel at ease. I have no bruises by the way. I had a little bit swelling but not obvious. I will give you my photos but I’m so not ready to show my face. Hahaha

My gratitude and gratefulness extend to all DRK staff and especially Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Chanchai for making my dream come true. I will definitely tell my friends and loved ones how great you are and recommend them to you/ ^-^

More power to DRK and their magnificent doctors.

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