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Nose wing reduction by Dr. Kolawach

Achieve a beautiful nose after nose augmentation, combined with alarplasty to reduce widening of the nostril to a narrow and more balance to your nose.

Hi, I am a makeup artist for some celebrities here in Thailand. My name is Martin. I would like to share how my nose wing reduction helped balance my nose after I had rhinoplasty.

As you can see, my nostril is too wide and open making me look like I am flared, or somehow irritated. It’s not a good impression if I project the personality of a kind and friendly person.

I always feel that my facial expression does not collaborate with how I feel and what I want to show my mood.

So I wanted to make a change on my nose again by narrowing the nose wing.

I am glad to know a celebrity that is my client who did a plastic surgery at DRK with Dr. Kolawach and she was very happy and satisfied with her result. She recommended me to have a consultation with Dr. Kolawach.

So here I am at DRK.

My consultation was mind opening. I have understood what to expect with alarplasty. The nose wing will be cut in the sides and stitch it together underneath the nose. Although it may spring back for a little millimeter, so doctor will remove a bit more than what is expected, so when the nose wing stretched back, I will get the result that I desired.

** The nurse checked my vital signs and make sure I am perfectly fine for the operation**

DRK facility is very securing. They have a very strict sterile technique which makes the whole area bacteria-free and infection-free.

** DR. Kolawach and DRK team is now preparing me for my alarplasty surgery**

DRK medical team is very careful and professional in everything they do. I feel very safe around them, it is better than doing it in the hospital. Everyone is an expert.

Dr. Kolawach measured the width of my nose wing and draws a line to get the length of nose wing he will cut and remove.

You see that, very minimal amount of blood. Almost just no bleeding, that’s the signature “BLOODLESS technique” of DRK surgeons to give their patients the most secured and less dangerous surgery and recovery.

Now my nose wings are removed and cut off accordingly as discussed with doctor. My stitches around the nose are a bit visible as this moment, but they are absorbable so no need for stitch off.

One week after my alarplasty surgery with Dr. Kolawach

My incision around the nose wing has totally healed and closed. My life is back to normal now. It was so amazing to see that I had no swelling, no bruises nor pain during the healing process.

I am very thankful to Dr. Kolawach and his team for making my surgery safe for me. Also for making my desired nose possible, and now I have gained more confidence about myself.

No more flared nose, or any nose. Now I have a balance nose for my facial structure.

Thank you guys for reading! Till next time! ^^

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