Real Eyebrow for Real Men! Up to 99% hair survival! Eyebrow Transplant by DRK!

Get the male confidence with masculine and fierce look with prominent eyebrows.

Hello everyone many people think Surgery is scary and embarrassing. But for me it is a great piece of art, something that we can choose to improve ourselves.

For me, I wanted to do the surgery, although it is eyebrows hair transplant. I am aware that not most people would do eyebrow transplant because they can do makeup or eyebrow tattooing, but for my case I am not comfortable to do those cosmetic stuff, I prefer to have more permanent and natural result.

Nevertheless, I need to know more information about this procedure to fully understand its course.

Genetically, my body hair is thin than usual. I have thin eyebrows and mustache but as for now I would like to do my eyebrows first. I am very eager to look more fierce personality with thick prominent eyebrows, so the only thing to perhaps give me the look is by putting on pencil makeup, everyday which is very inconvenient and easy to come off, moreover it doesn’t look natural in person, only on the photos.

Another option is eyebrow tattooing, which I think is not appropriate, because when you grow old and the brows will lose muscles and loose skin tightening, the brow will definitely sag, and with those permanent tattoo will only make it look worse. Some superficial tattoos will fade in a year or so, which is still not permanent.

Until one day, I was searching on the internet and saw this review about eyebrow surgery and the result is very interesting. I carefully examined the review from day 1 until it got so much better. Surprisingly in just one week everything is back to normal. You can read about his review

I made a decision, I will have a consultation with DRK. I met Dr. Kulakarn (Dr. Pum) who is the expert for Hair Transplant. She is very known in the country to do successful hair transplant surgery. You can read about her at

My consultation was very informative, Dr. Pum explained to me what are the preoperative care, and what to expect after the surgery. I will have FUT technique, to have a one direction of hair when it grows.

Look at my eyebrows, thin eyebrows makes my eyes look weird and weak. I think everybody feels the same way.

At DRK facility, Dr. Pum and her team make me choose my preferred design for eyebrows. I chose to have this thick one and more like fierce look.

After designing, DRK medical personnel prepared me for surgery. Washed my face and hair for sterility and then I’m ready to do this!

The strip (FUT technique) donor area is at the back of my head, because it has healthier hair follicle than the rest of the area. Also the scar will be hidden and not visible to others.

Still swollen but no pain, and no bruises. I have to stay home to get more rest and apply cold packs on the area to help reduce the swelling.

The swelling has subsided, I was very amazed to see my fast recovery.

I have to apply the cream for anti bacterial and also to make it not dry and flaky.

Wow! Look at that! Great right?? Very not obvious swelling, and I am so ready to go out and meet my friends.

One week was all it took to achieve the look I yearned for so long. I couldn’t believe it myself that it was that easy and fast.

2 weeks from my personalized Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Pum.

I went to the beach and swum with my friends. Everything is very normal.

On the third week after I did my personalized Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Pum.

I went to the gym and did some treadmill, boxing, lifting and some more crossfit stunts. I feel very healthy and confident with my new look. I don’t have to worry if my eyebrow will be removed, because it is not makeup nor superficial tattooing that fades in time.

One month after my personalized Eyebrow transplant with Dr. Pum.

I am very lucky to find DRK and Dr. Pum, because of them I am now more confident, and the result changed my daily mood. My friends can tell that I am happier every day.

I am looking forward to do more aesthetic procedures with them in the future, because my trust and loyalty goes with them permanently like the result of my eyebrows. ^^

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