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Newly Invented nose By Dr. Beer DRK

Uniquely Barbie Nose Style Designed by Dr. Beer at DRK.

Augmenting the nose by inserting customized silicone implant and reducing nose wing for cute and narrow nose tip.

Hi, Im Aoi and I am here to share to all of you some tips of how to achieve the nose like a Doll.

My condition might help you on your quest in becoming more beautiful and gaining more confidence.

So this is me before I had rhinoplasty and alarplasty with Dr. Beer.

I was never confident with how my nose look like, it was very thick and wide nose wing, and the nose bridge is short and flat.

Whenever I take pictures, I need to get a good angle where my nose would look better. Although sometimes I get some mocks from my close friends that I got a big nose and I need to do something about it.

Plastic surgery is the best thing to have a permanent and less complicated procedure for rhinoplasty. But of course, you must find the best and right doctor to provide the best and safest result for you.

I read a lot of hospitals and clinics around Bangkok because honestly it's everywhere. Which is kind of confusing. So what I did, I made a standard for doctors. Has to have more than 10 years of experience, board certified, works in a good facility, and good feedback from patients. Then choosing is easy, I found few. I went to some doctors but during the consultation, it didn't hit my heart and intuition. I want a doctor that would give me pure and honest advice.

Good thing i found DRK, and that time I was able to talk with Dr. Beer. He was straightforward with the height of my nose bridge and the tightness of my nose wing. After measuring it, we come up and agreed to its realistic and expected result. I was then confident to do the surgery with Dr. Beer, and without second thought I did it with him in the soonest time possible.

This is me right after I finished doing rhinoplasty and alarplasty with Dr. Beer.

My surgery went well, it was very comfortable because doctor's hands were so gentle. and he made sure that I wont feel discomfort during the operation.

** 3 days after my rhinoplasty and alarplasty with Dr. Beer**

I am very happy that I didn't have bruises and my nose doesn't swell that much.

** 5 days after my rhinoplasty and alarplasty with Dr. Beer**

Those who worry about the scar on the nose wing, you dont have to worry because it will gradually fade away over time.

My nose tip is not pointed up anymore, i am very happy to see the result,.Although my nose is still swelling. I am waiting until it completely subsides.

** Comparison of before and after of my rhinoplasty and alarplasty**

After a week, I feel so great to see the result of my nose. I look so much different and I am beginning to feel the confidence in me. I am so back to normal. My daily routine are simple and no more downtime.

Over the time, the swollen subsides and I'm beginning to see the design of my nose.

I am very happy that Dr. Beer made the best design for my facial structure.

My family and friends told me that my nose look natural and I look different. More beautiful and happier.

I feel so great because I achieved the design that I wanted!

My new look gave me the happiness in my heart, which is the best thing that ever happened to me. DRK made my life better and change me to the best person I can ever be.

I am thankful to my Dr. Beer for being the best Beauty Maker and helping me achieve my goals.

If you have questions in your mind, it's only one call away. Call DRK.

I am sure that the doubts in your mind will be answered clearly.

Thank you for reading and good luck all ^^

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