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Hairless eyebrows to a longer and thicker eyebrows with PERMANENT result with DRK

The eyebrows play a very important part on your look, especially when you have your style to express yourself.

The eyebrows nowadays are trending style to almost everybody. It gives the face a definition of mood and emotions.

Today, I am going to share to all of you why having an eyebrow transplant is the best way to achieve permanent eyebrow look, why I chose DRK and how my surgery was.

As you can see, my eyebrows are very thin and no shape, it makes me look older than my age. I always get the impression that people think I’m older.

Eyebrow transplant is a minor surgery and I have no idea what the procedure will be. I have searched on the internet and met doctors but the explanation is vague.

If I will do this surgery, it has to be with the best surgeon. So it took me awhile to find the perfect doctor for me.

Until one lucky day, I saw DRK on some website ads and it got me captivated by the reviews of their patients. Also there are many celebs in Thailand that came to do so many surgeries with them.

Impressively, DRK’s Hair Transplant surgeon is also known to studied n the best medical school in Thailand and practiced in the USA.

Check out on Dr. Pum’s profile and background.

I chose Dr. Pum not just because of her outstanding background but also the reviews that her patients gave her. As soon as I talked to Dr. Pum during the consultation, she clearly about how the procedure is going to be and she gave me a realistic expectation of what the result would be. For my eyebrows, I might need 1000grafts and the operation would take 4-6 hrs. Dr. Pum will do the FUT procedure which will be taken as strip at the back of my head at the lower area.

Part of preparation for the Eyebrow transplant surgery is drawing the DESIGN of my DESIRED STYLE of my eyebrows. I like it so much because I can decide on what style I want and doctor will do it for me. Also she gave me advice of what will look good on me.

Wow! That was relaxing! I slept the whole operation. It was comfortable because I didn’t feel any pain at all. Now im just so sleepy hehehehe [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Comparison of before and after. Immediately after my Eyebrow transplant surgery.

Perfect result! Now I can see how it would look like in few months!

This is me now, 2 months after I had my Eyebrow Transplant with Dr. Pum.

My eyebrows look very natural, and now they are permanent, I don’t have to put make up every day and not afraid of getting sweat or even the rain. Nothing can ruin my day!

I am very thankful and lucky to have DRK and Dr. Pum to help me achieve the look that I want. It has definitely changed my life. Now I have more confident with how I look, this will be the beginning of a confident me.

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