Amazing Eyebrow Transplant. One-time procedure, lifetime result!

I wanna say hi to all my friends, I am here today to tell you all about my experience and the entire process I did in doing "Eyebrow transplant".

Several of my friends wanted me to do eyebrow transplant because they believe and as well as I do- the eyebrow is an important part of the face. Most of us don’t know about the eyebrow transplant because it is not known in most Asian and other culture. Furthermore, the review for this procedure was found to be less. So I volunteered to be the voice that will give review and let my friends see.

I know DRK Surgery and Skincare, and learned many things about this center. I could say that they have a very high quality of doctors and facilities and they are expert in doing Eyebrow transplant with a specialized Hair transplant surgeon. DRK is the Top of Thailand and also a hair transplant doctor is a Thai and American Board Certified Hair transplant surgeon, she did hair surgery with famous celebrities and DJ Mam. With these reasons, my confidence and trust to them is very high.

Why the Eyebrow surgery??

My eyebrows were very small (thin and short) and I feel like my brows can easily fall out and grows slowly. Most of the men have thick eyebrows, but in my case we have genes with thin hair. Unlike women, many cosmetic products and procedures that can help them hide their thin eyebrows. They can easily put makeup and retouch all the time, some can do tattooing which I see my friends do it but doesn’t look natural- and that I’m not comfortable doing these stuffs. And instinct tells me that the best procedure to look natural and long lasting effect is doing the eyebrow transplant and my goal is to look as natural as possible.

The procedure that was being done to me is FUT, where my dominant and abundant hair at the back of my head (scalp) is removed by a strip and one by one select the hair follicle to be transferred on my eyebrows. Do you wonder why at the back of the head? Because those hair at the back of the head(scalp) are more healthy and live the longest then the other part of the scalp. Hence we all know that every surgery has its own disadvantages, mine is to trim the transplanted eyebrows whenever it grows like we trim down the hair. But for me this is better than putting eyebrow makeup every day or tattooing which don’t give a natural look.

This is the result one week after my eyebrow transplant. You can compare the difference. =)

This is me before having eyebrow surgery. You can see that it is very thin and short.

Taking pictures for medical record of pre operation surgery. The first procedure was they began with cleaning the head and hair. DRK surgical team scrubbed it with Betadine then select a shape of eyebrows, then draw to give highlight in my own design then I’m ready for surgery ^^

After my eyebrow transplant is done, I didn’t feel any pain of discomfort during and even after the operation. It wasn’t scary as what most people think. I spent six hours in total. I just fell asleep most of the time, because the doctor prescribed a safe pill to make me relax for the entire operation.

One day after my eyebrow transplant. I had some swelling in the eye but it does not hurt and doesn’t inflict much pain, too. My friends tell me it was kinda darker but I know it will be normal for a few more days. Though I feel a bit different when I look at myself ^^

Day 2 of my new eyebrows to grow back. Probably the best day of my swollen eyes, it is swelling around it like was crying hard. Haha but at least it’s not painful, I’m totally ok with it.

Day 3, has still a passionate eye swelling, but I felt better. I'm less distinguishable from one to three images here, photos taken during the day and late at night.

It’s the fourth day of my new eyebrows. Today I have to go outside to meet my friends. I applied a little foundation on my eyebrows because it is just so dark. hehe

The 5th day of post-surgical, the wound from where my doctor got the strip is now better. As I had my follow up with my doctor, she said it has no problem and no sign of infection and wound dehiscence. I am happy that I healed so fast.

The 6th day, my eyebrows started to look smooth and natural. I am loving my new eyebrows, I am look younger and more bold.

On the first week after my eyebrow transplant, everything looks normal and natural. No bruise and swelling is gone. I feel more confident going out and meeting my friends without putting foundation to mask it. Moreover, my lifestyle or routine when going out has been convenient and easy because I don’t spend time brushing and lining my eyebrow when going out not to mention no more retouches. All my friends say that I look much better and they really liked it. They will do it at DRK as well. I’m so happy and so thankful that my doctor really did their best to give me the most excellent result, better than I ever expected. I never regret to choose DRK and I will surely recommend them to all my friends.

You are all welcome to comment about my operation and feel free to ask me about the procedure and everything I have undergone, it’s my pleasure to answer you all.

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