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Hi, I’m Nikky. Welcome to my short story about my experience in doing plastic surgery about Buccal Fat Removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri…

(Before and 2 weeks after Buccal Fat Removal at DRK)

For 26years of living with huge bulging cheeks, my friends have always teased me with it like buns on my face. My family members and relatives have been so fond of pinching my chubby face every time they see me. When I smile, it gets even bigger and wider.

When I reached adolescence and college, having these chubby cheeks aren’t cute anymore. My girl friends are teasing me when we have group photo shots, because my face on the pictures are so round that it covers the whole frame. And little by little, the media was showing sexy ladies with VShape faces as the trending and ideal Asian beauty.

Sad but true, it decreased my self confidence, because even though how much I diet and exercise, my face is really the same. It’s heredity, meaning it’s in my genes. So basically, I cannot do anything about it but cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery.

I’ve never done any cosmetic procedure or plastic surgery before, and the thought of it is new to me. A strange idea and also scary. Though I have many friends who did plastic surgery, it is still not convincing as it sounds in the society.

Until one day, a close friend of mine did Buccal Fat removal and it was so amazing! The result was very visible! Her face changed a lot and it was so incredibly natural! Her aura became different, she was more lively and a lot more happier! We were all jealous but in a good way. So I asked her where she did her buccal fat removal surgery- then she happily told me she went to DRK under Dr. Kolawach Laochaisri. I didn’t have second thought of having consultation with him.

So I went to DRK center at Ekkamai Soi 3 which is very accessible location because it was close to the BTS and center the Sukhumvit road which is at the main and center of the city of Bangkok. Upon meeting Dr. Kolawach, he was very easy to approach. When I opened to him my condition, he understood me right away. He knows what I wanted and how I wanted it as a result. He explained to me clearly and thoroughly all the information about the Buccal Fat removal procedure. Even though it will be my first time ever to do plastic surgery, I was very confident to do it with him because right then and there I can see he’s an expert to this field and nothing could go unplanned.

I made an appointment for the surgery right away, but doctor’s schedule was kinda tight. So I need to wait for more than a month to get an appointment. I’m ok with waiting, because I believe that “Great things wait”. I have no plans in doing the surgery to other place, because I don’t have plans on redoing the surgery again.

I’m working in the celebrity stars industry in Thailand and they are talking about DRK. In their world, DRK is the talk-about plastic surgery center that mostly stars are having cosmetic procedures. Although there are some that do it in the other clinics, with DRK patients I see more celebrants that has more natural results and more contented with their outcome. I realized that in other clinics, celebrities want to change their previous plastic surgery procedure because they are not completely satisfied with the results.

I wanted to make my cheeks smaller and only do it one time, and they said that it is permanent result as long as I remain my weight and not get fatter. I was ok with it, because I wanted to control eating too hehehe.

So that’s why I was so eager to consult with Dr. Kolawach for a consultation because I can’t wait to get rid of my so fat cheeks make me look even fatter. It made me more excited to go for the buccal fat removal with Dr. Kowalach right away.

During the consultation, Dr. Kolawach explained the procedure of Buccal fat removal would be like and the expected result. Which is the buccal fat pad will be removed, not the muscles or skin fats. It was clear to me what the surgery would be like and the process of recovery, especially what to expect.

On the operating day, DRK staff assisted me and prepared me for the operation. Cleaned my face and mouth and change my clothes to aseptic OR gown. On the operating table, I was relaxed because DRK OR team is monitoring me all the time with reliable devices.

Until Dr. Kolawach came in the room and we started the operation. It took only 30mins to finish. They wrapped me this facial compressive bandage to help reduce swelling, and I was advised to wear it for 3days. The operation wasn’t painful, I was calm because Dr. Kolawach talks to me every now and then to check me.

So this is my before the buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. You can see that my cheeks really look so bloated. That’s the whole reason why I really wanted to have an operation badly… I look so fat because of my cheeks hahaha

Right buccal fat pad. Look at the fats… Doctor really got it good hehehe

Right cheek, doctor used the absorbable dissolvable sutures. So I don’t need to go back for stitch off because these sutures will dissolve by itself.

Left buccal fat pad. There’s a lot of fat removed. I’m so happy when I saw this. Hehe

This is the image of my buccal fat taken by the nurse at DRK.

Yey! So my buccal fat surgery is finished now. I am so glad it finished so fast and it didn’t hurt at all… Dr. Kolawach has a gentle hands and he makes sure my vitals are stable. He kept on talking to me and asking how I was feeling. That gesture has really comforted me all throughout the operation.

The buccal fat removal surgery took only 40 mins to finish.

1st day after my buccal fat removal surgery at DRK. It is still swollen but I’m happy that it is not that painful as I expected it to be. Dr. Kolawach is really the best doctor. Luckily there are no bruises and signs of infection. I am so grateful.

For now, I have to take my meds for swelling, pain reliever and antibiotic. I have to apply cold packs and wear the compressive facial garment for three consecutive days.

3rd day after my buccal fat removal surgery at DRK. The swelling subsides this time, and no pain no bruises and I can go out and meet my friends.

I can remove my facial compressive garment now, but I still take my medications for a few more days to complete the one week prescription. I was advised not to eat spicy and hot food too… I can brush my teeth as usual. Life is pretty much normal.

5th day after my buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. Not much swelling as before. Everything is pretty much normal. Getting better day by day. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

10 days after I had buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. I’m back to work. Everything back to normal. My officemates were all amazed that I’m very much ok and my face looks smaller in just 10 days.

15 days after my buccal fat removal surgery at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. Now, I can eat spicy food and hot coffee. My stitches inside the oral cavity is gone and wound is back to normal. No pain at all.

1month after my buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. I can really tell the difference from before. Big change in my appearance and my friends adore how much better I look now...

2months after my Buccal fat removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. After my follow up today, doctor recommended me to have botox injection for my jaw muscles (masseter) to minimize its size making my face more slimmer. So I had Botox injection today and lets see after two to four weeks to see the result ^^

Comparison before I did the buccal fat removal, result after a month and after two months. You can notice the big difference and how my cheeks become slimmer. The result of buccal fat removal takes time until 3 months. So I still have a month to see my cheeks decreasing in size. I am really so satisfied with the result I am getting now.

Thanks to Dr. Kolawach who made my dream of having a smaller cheeks and slim face come true without no complications and so efficient.

I would also like to thank DRK team and staff who were always assistive since day 1 until I got better. All important information were given and my recovery process was made easily with their support.

Finally, I would like to encourage everyone to do a careful research before you do a surgery. You have to make sure that you choose the right Doctor. And as for me, I did the right thing.

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