Achieve the Korean Beauty with Premium Nose! Customized Design that suits perfectly for you!

Redesign and regain your confidence back with Revision Rhinoplasty.

Revision Rhinoplasty doesn’t necessarily mean you got complications from your first surgery, you can always restyle for the best look you deserve!

**before revision rhinoplasty**

As you can see, my front view nose looks like there’s a dent at the upper part of the nose (middle of the eyes). That is the silicone implant that we inserted shortly from my previous doctor (from other clinic, I cannot mention).

**before revision rhinoplasty**

When I do the side views, the dent on the upper part is obvious and the silicone implant is too straight making it look more fake. There’s no angle that could make it look natural.

**Before Revision Rhinoplasty**

The result that I got from my first rhinoplasty was not what I really wanted. I want a more natural and have a good curve that would give more dramatic impression to my face. Not a straight one that expresses nothing but long nose.

**Before Revision Rhinoplasty**

As a celebrity in Thailand, I need to regain my confidence again. I need to have the perfect balance and perfect nose line.

I got so lucky to got recommendations from my friends in showbiz industry, advised me to have the revision rhinoplasty at DRK.

I did a painstaking research about DRK and I was astonished by the doctor’s profile, the coziness and safe facilities, moreover the feedback of their patients are impressive and seem to be genuine.

I chose Dr. Beer as my BEAUTY MAKER for remaking my nose. As I can see in his work, I am more confident that that’s the exact style I want for me.

Dr. Beer explained to me thoroughly about the new design of my nose, and he will customize it according to the style I want and would look balance on my facial structure.

We planned to achieve a Barbie nose line, because my face is small so it would look good on me.

I am more confident to know that the silicone that doctor will use is from USA, as they only uses silicone made in USA.

**2 days after revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

I still need to stay indoors because my nose is still swollen, although I’m happy that I have no terrible bruises and no pain.

**3rd day after revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

I went to DRK for my follow up and the nurse removed the plaster, doctor said that everything is good for now… glad that I didn’t have infection or any other complications…

**5 days after revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Beer**

The swollen subsides already and I can go out now and nobody would notice I had surgery… though I still wont risk it.. fans might see 5555

**7th day after revision rhinoplasty**

I’m totally healed now! I went for a swim. I am really surprised that I recovered so fast!

**before and after comparison**

Notice the difference of my before, the nose bridge is bigger and a bit slanted. The alars were opened because the implant was too big and high. And the dent on the upper nose is too obvious.

The after photo is narrower and the nose tip was perfectly redefined. My alars aren’t open anymore.

I am really happy with my new nose!

**2 weeks after revision rhinoplasty**

**1 month after revision rhinoplasty**

After having my revision rhinoplasty at DRK, I have gained more confidence about myself and I have more invitations from media and publishers who would want me to be part of them.

My new look has changed my life and I am thankful for having DRK to be my BEAUTY MAKER and I will surely come back for more beauty maintenance.

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