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Major Makeover Transformation by Dr. Kolawach

Extravagant makeover from Simple girl to an extraordinary lady!

Hi guys, I am Kratai. You might be wondering why I did plastic surgery and what did I have to change. I will tell you everything in details, but first I would like to thank you all for giving your time on reading.

As you see, my original look is more of a typical Asian girl, flat nose, tired eyes, straight lips, hallowed facial features, small boobs, dark skinned and so many to mention (you can check my before photos and you will see what I’m talking about J).

I stand behind the shadow of my sister Kratae, as she enjoys the spotlight shines upon her as a celebrity in Thailand. I have always looked up on her, admire her courage for doing plastic surgery as well. As a kid, I have not thought of changing something to my physical appearance fearing the procedures and complications that might take place after.

Change. That’s the thing I have to do to attain the things I have yearned for. The beauty that I desire, and the self confidence I need. Until one day, I finally took the courage to change me, the physical aspect through plastic surgery. Nonetheless, I wasn’t so impressed about the result. I still feel the insecurity inside me, yet it didn’t change my perception towards changing. Thus it made me wiser in choosing the surgeon who would to the surgery with me.

Luckily, my sister had a procedure done at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. She wanted to have a slimmer face, so she had Buccal Fat Removal. She liked the result so much and the surgery was safe and no complication. No downtime, and she has very convenient recovery period.

We were both impressed with the whole process, and that’s when I decided to choose Dr. Kolawach as my “Beauty Maker”.

**My consultation with Dr. Kolawach as covered by “Makeover Diary Thailand” show.**

My procedures with Dr. Kolawach and DRK treatments would be:

  • 1. Double Eyelid surgery

  • 2. Rhinoplasty with ear cartilage (Revision)

  • 3. Lip reshape

  • 4. Breast augmentation

  • 5. Filler injections

  • 6. Botox Injections

  • 7. Chin Augmentation

  • 8. Facial Skin Rejuvenation

  • 9. Skin Whitening Vit. C program

** 4D Simulation for measuring my FACIAL RATIO STRUCTURE**

My consultation was very informative and knowledgeable, it has given me a wider perspective regarding my facial assets and features I need to improve. The 4D stimulation has provided the visual concept of that can be done and what it may look like after the surgery.

Dr. Kolawach is undeniably adroit as he clearly and comprehensibly explained to me the procedures I will undergo and its realistic expected results.

**I am on my way to DRK’s OR**

DRK Medical personnel assisted me thoroughly, they see to it that I am all set for the operation.

**DRK OR facility is very securing, as it is 100% sterile and bacteria free zone. I felt very safe and comfortable during the surgery**

Dr. Kolawach’s hands are very gentle, it didn’t inflict pain or any uncomfortable feeling. He kept on talking to me and explains to me his next move to check if I am still responding finely.

**Skin Rejuvenation Laser Treatment**

The skin texture must be remained fine and smooth, and the surgery cannot correct the skin integrity. So I need to gain flawless and radiant skin. Good thing that DRK has the best laser treatment for skin rejuvenation to make my skin perfectly fresh and young looking.

**Recovery process**

It was amazing to observe that my recovery wasn’t that bad. I had few swollen on the eyes but the rest is fine. I am worry-free all week. Dr. Kolawach is really skilled doctor, because I didn’t have terrible bruising reaction. The “BLOODLESS” technique is really incredible!

DRK Medical Group Medical Director DR. KOLAWACH LAOCHAISRI

is featured in one of Thailand's most influencing and powerful magazine, VOLUME.

Dr. Kolawach was being interviewed about his remarkable extreme makeover with Ms. Kratae who wants to be gorgeous and become a superstar like her sister Ms. Kratai Tadsika.

Grab a copy of this (September) month's issue of VOLUME Mag.

**We had a great time with the photoshoot**

People could really see the big difference that happened to me. My family and friends are very proud, and I am happy to see that they all are happy for me.

**Photoshoot with Dr. Kolawach together with my sister Kratai**

People say now that we are both beautiful and a lot of people from the media wanted me for audition as a model and tv personality.

** My sister Kratai and I at DRK's event for my Makeover Revelation**

So many people came to this event, the medias were all astonished with my transformation.

**Present time**

From an ordinary girl to a confident model. My makeover transformation really made a huge impact in my life, it changes my character as I am more confident and happy from the inside. Not any other factor can give me happiness and contentment but me. Now this confidence has radiate outside and influenced people around me, now my life is better than ever.

I will everlastingly in deep gratitude for Dr. Kolawach’s magic hands. He is the major instrument for making my dreams come to reality.

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