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Face Makeover Stunning Transformation by DRK

Major makeover by DRK that turns a simple look ANGELIC beauty.

Transformed the face by Buccal Fat Removal for slim face and Chin augmentation for Vshape Program, Revision Rhinoplasty and Alarplasty for more balance and dynamic nose and Double eyelid surgery for Glowing Lovely Eyes.

Hi lovely girls and guys out there, I'm Pick. I am here to share with you how my life change after I did major makeover at DRK.

I had a nose job before at other clinic, but after doing it, nothing seems to change in my mood. I still feel insecure, I didn't look like those girls I admire on TV. All I wanted is to gain confidence by changing how I look.

It was difficult to decide on my next surgery, because I don't want to make the same mistake again. The painstaking of looking for the next surgeon was more difficult than the first time.

I chose to get rid of my chubby cheeks first, as Dr. Kolawach advised that once I have a slim cheeks, it would definitely change my appearance right away.

I agreed with doctor's advice to me and did the buccal fat removal as my first step to changing my look.

The operation went well and successful, as you can see on the photo above my face has really changed. All my friends where surprised with the result!

I had no bruises at all, so I went to school on the 4th day after my buccal fat. I only had three days to rest at home and I'm back to normal! amazing!

**before I had Makeover Transformation**

If you can observe my appearance before I had the makeover surgery, I really look different. Let's start with my nose, my first nose job result is unnatural, the tip is bulbous and the shape didn't match to my facial structure.

My eyes looked puffy and very short double eyelid, it look like I just woke up or cried. My cheeks were so chubby and made me look so fat. It's so difficult because there's a lot to change on my face...

My close friends are the only ones who can tell me honest comments about it and they all advised me to do surgery to make it look better.

So they helped me look for the best surgeon and clinic in Bangkok to solve my problem.

Until we saw on the internet our favorite celebrity who had an outstanding result after she did many surgery with DRK surgeons.

I made a decision right away, I want to do my transformation at DRK.

**Before I had Buccal Fat Removal** My first photo record at DRK.

I really really look so ugly hahaha I cannot wait to start my makeover transformation!

This is my buccal fat pad that was removed inside my cheeks. The operation was comfortable and relaxing, Dr. Kolawach was very gentle and he made sure that I am perfectly fine. He helped me on how to cooperate during the surgery to make it easy for both of us. It was finished for 40 minutes, and then after the operation I was able to go back home and rest.

For my recovery, I was advised to wear compressive garment over the face for 3 days whole day to help reduce the swelling faster, augmented with ice packs. I also need to refrain from eating hot and spicy food to avoid irritation on the incision inside.

**1 month after my buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach**

**3 months after my buccal fat removal**

I am so happy to see that my cheeks are slim no! I don't feel fat anymore, I feel sexy than ever!

I get so many praises from people that I look different with Vshape face! My confidence has boosted and I am very thankful that the first stem of my makeover is a success!

Now, it's time to change my nose. I had a rhinoplasty done with other doctor before, and I dont like the result. My next step for makeover transformation is redoing my nose!

We had a lot of discussion on the new design of the silicone, doctor said he needs to add ALARPLASTY, which includes reducing the nose wing to make my nose look narrow. Because my alars now are too wide and open which gives the impression of an angry person hahahaha.

I totally agree with doctor's advise and we will schedule for the next operation!

**This is my previous silicone implant from my first rhinoplasty done at other clinic**

You see, the implant is too wide and no shape at all. Also the carving was not balanced. That's why I feel bulbous nose after having it. I am so glad that it was removed now.

**Two weeks after my Revision Rhinoplasty**

**3 weeks after my Revision Rhinoplasty**

**1 month after revision rhinoplasty**

**Before and after of revision rhinoplasty**

Notice the difference, the nose bridge and the nose tip are more shaped now. Narrowed and the tip are not pointed up anymore. Also my alars or nose wing are narrowed, small, and it looks cute. hahaha

**buccal fat and revision rhinoplasty result**

I am glad that I have not much scars after I did my alarplasty. It looks like I have no cut on the side of my nose.

Doctor was very accurate with with nose wing reduction, i can really see that my nose wing are now narrowed and not wide anymore.

**Comparion of alars**

After a while, I decided to enhance my chin. With prominent chin, my face will have a balance look.

**after buccal fat removal, revision rhinoplasty and alarplasty**

I am very happy with the result. My confidence has really boosted, but it still seems like I wanted to do more....

And the next would be my chin!

**photos above are BEFORE chin augmentation**

I want a more prominent chin, because the lower part of the face is also a 1/3 of the whole facial balance. My chin area is less protrude, which gives me a weak look at the lower area. I want a more balance face, so I talked to doctor about what would be the best to enhance this area

**1 week before and after Chin augmentation**

Do you see the difference? Now the balance is achieved. Although it is still a bit swollen and a little bruises.

Doctor inserted a size small silicone implant (implant is made from USA) and secured the silicone with one screw. to make sure that the silicone implant will remain in its place and on the right position whatever activities I will do.

**2 weeks after Chin Augmentation** Everything is back to normal now. No more swelling and bruises. I feel so much better!

**one month after chin augmentation**

I feel so amazing about myself after doing cheeks, nose and chin. All my friends are telling me that I look like KPOP star on TV! I changed a lot in a very nice way!

Of course! that's the goal! to change my look and gain confidence! I am so happy that in a very short time, I am happy like this!

Although, I want a more lively eyes. My eyelids now are a bit close to my eyes making me look tired and sleepy. I want to change it, so I talked to my BEAUTY MAKER right away and of course, he can do everything to make me look more beautiful!

**the following day after I had double eyelid surgery**

Still swollen but it's still ok because I have no bleeding and bruises. the incision is close too and the wound is fine.

**5th day after double eyelid surgery**

My eyes aren't that swollen so I went to school. Nobody notice about my eyes, I could hide everyone about it. hahahaha Recovery is very fast indeed! thanks to doctor's hands, he did his signature bloodless technique that's why i have no terrible reaction after the surgery.

**7 days after my double eyelid surgery**

**7days comparison after double eyelid surgery**

I feel so great with the result of my eyes. They are so natural, and it gives me an expressive eyes. Now I can put makeup easily and my eyes glow naturally.

No scars are visible! magnificent!

At present time!

I encourage you all to take the courage to achieve your goals, if that means changing your look then go do it! You deserve to feel good about yourself!

Finding your happiness is a decision, it might be easy or not easy but you have to find it.

Be happy and look happy!

Remarkable difference!

I have never thought I would look this beautiful in less than half a year! DRK surgeons are indeed the best surgeons in the country or even on the planet, i must say!

I had no major surgery done yet I become so different yet natural! People still recognize me, and people give me compliments of being naturally beautiful!

Of course I am proud of what I had to do for myself, and that means confidence. I am proud that my BEAUTY MAKERS are the best and gave me the safest surgery, most comfortable and fast recovery and excellent result!

So I invite you all to come to DRK and have a consultation! Change your life, change your look!

Thanks for reading ^^

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