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No more fatty under chin with Double Chin Removal by DRK

Double Chin Removal

Fatty sloppy fat neck that’s leaves a double chin appearance is never sexy to any woman.

Hi, Im Nattie and I am here to share you how incredible my result is in having double chin mini liposuction with Dr. Beer.

Why I need it? Well, I have this double chin problem since I was young. It is somehow genetic or hereditary because as you see I’m not a fat person. I have a very strict diet and I do have lots of activities which gives me a good figure, but unfortunately my neck leaves some unwanted fats.

I’ve been doing a lot of procedure to make it go away, but nothing seemed to work. I have done lasers and injected mesofat that claimed to dissolve the accumulated part on a particular area but the my stubborn fats on the neck comes back and forth.

I felt helpless for a while until I found in a website the DRK is doing double chin removal. I got all excited because I heard about them already, they are well known here in Thailand because of their surgeons reputations and experiences.

I made a consultation with Dr. Beer right away. And during the consultation, he discussed clearly about how the procedure is going to be like and the expected result that I’ll have. Everything he explained was understandable and realistic, it made me very confident to do the double chin operation with him.

Double Chin Removal

Double Chin Removal

This is my fatty neck double chin that gives me no confidence when I look down and sideview.

My preparation before having the operation for double chin is as follows:

  1. No smoking and drinking alcohol beverages at least 2 weeks prior the surgery. Which by the way I never worry because I don’t do such.

  2. Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, fish oil containing products, or any supplements that can cause thinning of the blood vessels that may promote bleeding and terrible bruises.

  3. No jewelries, no makeup, no nail polish and no dentures and retainers, pierces.

Pretty much everything is very easy to handle for my most awaited operation ever. I am so excited I can’t wait!

Double Chin Removal

**Dr. Beer and I during the Double Chin Mini Liposuction at DRK Center**

On my operation day, DRK medical team assisted me as I prepare myself for the operation, washed my face, change to OR gown and monitor my VS. I was amazed how high the standard quality of their services and highly innovated are their technologies, these things have made me feel secured and safe although the procedure.

Double Chin Removal

**Following day after my double chin reduction **

I have to wear facial compressive garment to help reduce the swelling faster. At this time, it is somehow painful but manageable because i have pain killer medicines that works perfectly.

Surprisingly there are no terrible bruises and massive swelling.

Double Chin Removal

**7th day after my double chin reduction**

Time to remove the stitches on my neck. It is very easy, just 2 stitches and finished!!

Double Chin Removal

**10 days after my double chin reduction**

i am back to eating my favorite food again, and I don't have to about getting fat on my neck.

Double Chin Removal

**14 days after my double chin reduction**

2 weeks have passed and the result is reducing. I am very happy with my neck liposuction.

Double Chin Removal

**1 month double chin reduction with Dr. Beer**

Double Chin Removal

It is important for a girl to look and feel beautiful, as much as possible they have to gain confidence at early age to give them a good foundation while growing up. They will not feel inferior to other girls, they will build a good character with a happy heart.

That’s why I am very thankful to have a wonderful doctor that gives me the result I wanted and safety the entire process since day one.

And to DRK team for making me comfortable and give me the best service.

See you all for more treatments! ^_^

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