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Breast Augmentation 325cc Mentor Round Implant by Dr. Kolawach

I would like to start my review by stating the reasons why I chose DRK in doing my breast augmentation surgery. Like many of you who wanted to have natural big breasts, it’s normal to do research, but do you know what you are looking for to get the best of all the rest?

Some of ladies who just simply look over docs profile and the price, some are alright to do the procedures in the clinic. For me, I don’t take chances with my life especially when I’m all helpless and unconscious while my life depends on other people. I have seen in the news that they’re clinics that do major operation just in their center, and well, you can do some research on what happened to them but for me it’s a big no.

When I found out that DRK will do the surgery in JCI accredited hospitals, my confidence rise in, and when knowing that the surgeon will do it is Dr. Kolawach and his selected team, I did a consultation right away.

As I compare my consultation with Dr. Kolawach and other doctors that I have consulted with, Dr. Kolawach was straightforward. I wanted to have bigger size like 375cc, because I heard that after 3 months after the swollen subsides, the breast will become smaller. But Dr. Kolawach advised me that for my body type, 325cc is enough. I don’t need very big boobs because it will look unnatural and because I’m not that old, if I go very big size it will become saggy in the next 15-20years.

I will have inframammary incision as it is the most convenient on my part and easy for doctor to place and position the implant correctly. I believe Dr. Kolawach as I can see the genuine concern he gives to me.

This is the first month after my breast augmentation with Dr. Kolawach and his team. I am more than satisfied with the result. My friends are jealous to see my new big boobs and my boyfriend enjoys it so much hahahhaha

Happy to know that I don’t have any complications whatsoever, thank to Dr. Kolawach for another job well done.

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