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Regain Confidence with Perfectly Redesigned Nose-Line by DRK

Revision Rhinoplasty to get a NEW customized Barbie Style Nose.

Hi guys, I'm back again for my second beauty transformation done at DRK. First I had my jaw surgery, you can check it here at

I was satisfied with my result after the jaw surgery, and chin reduction for Vline program, that's why I only choose DRK as my ultimate BEAUTY MAKER. Now I'm back for redoing a nose job.

My life has changed so much better after my surgery, and as my beauty journey began with DRK, I have no plan to go anywhere else but here.

I had my first nose job done at other clinic, but I was not satisfied with the result at all. My nose look so big and bulbous. It somehow gave me a higher lift but that's not enough. Hightenend nose is not enough to achieve the look I desire. I need a more defined nose that would make me look like a BARBIE, meaning cute and lovely.

I chose Dr. Kolawach to do the Revision Rhinoplasty for me, I saw the reviews from his patients and his works are the one that is my style.

During my consultation with Dr. Kolawach, he explained to me that replacing my previous silicone implant would be enough. He will customize the implant according to my facial structure and give it a slimmer and curve design to achieve the Barbie Nose Style I desired.

**before my Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach**

Look at the result of my previous nose job- big, straight and bulbous. The nose bridge is too straight and the silicone is too wide leaving it a look of a bulbous nose bridge and nose tip. I told Dr. Kolawach that I want to change this to a narrow and curve nose line that will give a more natural and beautiful nose.

My surgery went well as expected, it was finished in less than an hour. Doctor's hands were very gentle it didn't hurt me at all. Also with the Signature BLOODLESS Technique, I have no terrible during and after the surgery.

**Right after my Revision Rhinoplasty**

Plasters all over my nose are placed to hold the silicone and reduce the swelling. I have no bleeding and no terrible bruises. Not painful as for now maybe because the anesthesia effects are still not gone.

**3 days after my Revision Rhinoplasty**

Plasters were already removed today after my follow up with doctor. I was relieved to know that everything was well. The nurse cleaned my stitches and said it is almost healed. I am so back to normal! although it's a bit swollen, so I still have to be careful hahaha

**before and after comparison**

It's been one week since my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach.

You can notice the difference between my previous nose job and my revision, the curve on my nose gives it more a natural look! I am very happy with the result!!

My recovery and progression after my revision rhinoplasty was splendid!

I was back to my normal life within a week! And the result I expected was more than 100% achieved!

Dr. Kolawach is indeed the best surgery in the country!

**1 month after my revision rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach**

Once again, my confidence has boosted after achieving the Barbie Nose Line I requested from Dr. Kolawach.

He made everything possible for me, and he never ceased to amazed me with his great work.

I am forever grateful of him, for making me naturally beautiful and making my beauty dreams come true.

Apart from that, he made sure that I will have the most relaxing operation and recovery. Assuring me safety and security all throughout.

If you want to redesign your nose, don't wait to get it corrected and regain your confidence! You deserve to look and feel beautiful just like me!

I honestly give the best of advice to you all and just give it a try! See you with my next beauty transformation! ^^

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