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Ideal Asian Beauty : Rhinoplasty and Blepharoplasty

Nose lift and big eyes surgery are Perfect combination for more attractive and charming.

Hi guys, my name is Ernst. I’m just a normal girl with huge dreams, actually I have bigger dreams but we’re just talking about dreams for myself. As a girl, it’s normal to have a bit of insecurities about ourselves, not that we lack of self esteem but somehow we can’t lie about wishing something can be done and change in the way we look.

To me, doing plastic surgery is something created for enhancing oneself. It is like technology that helps us do things easier. So for me, why endure this unlikable look. As of the moment I want to enhance or beautify my nose and my eyes.

This is how I looked like before. As you can notice, my nose bridge is too short and my eyelids are small which make me look like elementary with undeveloped features.

I want to improve my appearance according to my age and so I can be the person I want to be, cute and sexy…

The first assignment is to find the best surgeon in town. Here in Bangkok, there are lots of plastic surgeon around, but also lots of failed surgeries. I don’t want to have any tiny mistakes because this is my face and I take it very seriously.

I searched based on the patients’ reviews and the profile of the surgeon, and then I found DRK and their powerhouse surgeons. I was very impressed with the results and the experience and background of all surgeons.

I made an appointment for consultation and talk to Dr. Beer.

During the consultation, I felt very comfortable for understanding completely what my procedure is going to be and doctor stated to me the expected result.

For the nose he will lift it by inserting silicone implant (DRK uses implants made in USA, for it has the best material and high quality). Dr. Beer will make an i-shaped implant and make my nose lift including some definition and projection on my nose tip.

For the eyes, he will make a short incision. Not too big because I am still young, in the future when I grow old I might need an eye lift to look younger, so the surgeon must keep the eyes flawless as possible.

On the 3rd day after my rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty with Dr. Beer

It really amazed me how my recovery within 3 days are very comfortable and manageable. No pain, no bruises and very minimal swelling.

I applied ice packs spontaneously and keep my head elevated when sleeping. I also avoided my eyes and nose to get wet.

On the 5th day after I did rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty with Dr. Beer, everything seems normal. I went to DRK for follow up, removed the plaster over my nose and doctor said that everything is alright now. I can take a bath and can go out have dinner with my friends.

On the 7th day after I had rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty with Dr. Beer.

Today I went to DRK clinic for my check up. Doctor removed the stitches on my nose and for the eyes, they are absorbable so no need to remove.

Everything is back to normal now. I am so happy that I had no complications after the surgery! ^^

In 10 days after surgery, my life is back as it was but way much better. My nose job and double eyelid recovery period was very easy and quick… I can now go out and put some makeup on, no complications after the surgery.

My friends who knew I had surgery were amazed that I can go out and I feel very fine with these results that are very astonishing, I can tell they’re pretty much jealous haha

I achieved the look that I have dreamed of, I don’t look like a kid now… I feel sexy and attractive. My nose lift is natural and it gives me a more balance facial structure. The double eyelids are defined well as it gives my eyes more emphasis…

I am very lucky to have Dr. Beer as my surgeon for rhinoplasty and blepharoplasty procedure… He brought the life in me for giving me the best look possible. I feel confident each day and I have more live spirit doing my routines and socializing.

With all honesty, I recommend DRK for natural beauty that will last a lifetime.

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