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Barbie Nose Rhinoplasty

How would you know you need to do plastic surgery? Why do you think you need it? Is it normal and acceptable to do it? Do you really need to do it? These are the few questions that most of us have in mind. In my case, I listened to my heart and follow my dream to become more attractive by enhancing the shape of my nose.

This is me before I had rhinoplasty at DRK.

I don't like the shallowness of the nose bridge between my eyes and the nose tip is a bit round looks like a bulbous. So I decided to do rhinoplasty.

I’ve been insecure with how my nose looks like. My family were always been comforting to tell me that it looks fine and I still look beautiful, but as I grow up I see these celebrities on TV and I wanna look like them, the perfect lift of their nose that goes excellently fit with their facial appearance.

I asked my parent s if it would be alright to do plastic surgery for my nose, at first they asked me if I’m ready and if it is really what I wanted. And when they saw that I am completely decided to do rhinoplasty, they gave all their support.

The next step is looking for the best place and the best experienced doctor to do the rhinoplasty for me. Because if I’m going to do a surgery, I don’t want any rooms for mistakes. It should be perfect and safe, and I don’t want to redo it in the future. I want something that will remain forever until I decide someday that I might want other design then I consider doing it again.

So as we look all over Bangkok to meet several doctors, even in famous hospitals- none of them gives me the confident to do my nose lift. Until I found DRK in the website, I checked the doctors’ profile and patients’ reviews. It got my attention right away, I find it very interesting, and also the facilities they have. So I called them and make an appointment for consultation.

When I talked to Dr. Kolawach during the consultation, I felt comfortable in delivering what I wanted for my nose. He didn’t have the boundary between patients; he was very open and not intimidating in explaining about the procedure. He was straightforward to the expected result that I can achieve after doing the rhinoplasty surgery.

This is first week after I had rhinoplasty, very minimal swelling, no bruises and no pain. I can now go out and meet my friends like nothing happened. I am so happy that I don’t have to go through all the downtime and ugly face and lock myself up at home. I only stayed 2 days at home to apply the cold packs and the third day, I went out already.

This is 2 weeks after my rhinoplasty surgery done at DRK. I am contented with the result and how much it gives my face a different look. I am more matured and sophisticated. All my friends tell me that I changed a lot in very good way. I look natural and beautiful all of a sudden.

This is the first month after my rhinoplasty at DRK. No more swollen, of course no bruises and no pain. I go out feeling like a super star, the celebrity that I see on TV. I am very happy that I came to the right place and did it with the right doctor. I can see myself having another surgery with them in the future.

I would like to thank DRK team and Dr. Kolawach, for giving me this opportunity of attaining the beauty that I have been dreaming of for years and making it very easy for me in my recovery days.

Thank you too guys for reading my short review. Til next time!

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