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Regain Confidence with Fuller Hair through Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

My reason of having hair transplant is because I want to make my forehead not look too wide and give it a heart shape. It will also give me a better look for my face shape.

Heart shape for forehead hair line creates a different kind of approach making the face appear cute and lovely.

My strategy in looking for a doctor took a more time and rigid of researching. I went to lots of clinics and known hospitals in Bangkok, but nothing really sounds practical and real. Some over charged and some are too promising.

I found Dr. Kulakarn’s name on internet of some known website and she appeared a lot of times on TV. She did hair transplant to known people in Thailand. She has a lot of good feedback from patients and this gives her good reputation.

I tried to find her location and happen she’s part of DRK. I also looked up on DRK’s website and saw a lot of interesting stuff, including good credibility and many people and celebrities come to them for plastic surgery.

I didn’t have second thought of making an appointment to have consultation with Dr. Kulakarn.

In the time of consultation, Dr. Kulakarn explained to my how many grafts I need. For this area, it can be more or less 1500 grafts. I would like to do FUE strips because I don’t want to have a strip cut at the back of my head.

Dr. Kulakarn explained to me thoroughly about the process of procedure, I will be in minor operation and can go home right after it. Hair transplant will take 4-6 hrs and I will be under local anesthesia but I can take a medicine to make me sleepy. I am not allergic to such kind of medicines so I feel fine taking them.

Hair Transplant

Before the operation of Hair transplant surgery. My hair line on the forehead is far from the normal line. This is hereditary tendency and there's nothing I can do about it but surgery. I would like to add more hair and create a balance forehead look. It will make me look younger than my age and cute face.

Hair Transplant

4 weeks after I had hair transplant surgery. The hair transplanted is slowly growing. You can see that Dr. Pum implanted sufficient hair leaving the best possible result.

Hair Transplant

2 month after my hair transplant forehead hair line. I am very happy with the result.. I am still waiting for it to grow...

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant

This me 6 months after my hair transplant surgery with Dr. Kulakarn. I am very happy with the outcome, I have achieved the look that I want. I don’t feel stressful about having huge and wide forehead. I feel younger too with full hear at the hair line.

I would like to thank Dr. Kulakarn and her team for such incredible performance in the operating room. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and relatives. I assure that her greatness will be spread as she highly deserves it.

Friends who are interested Try to contact me at 081-319-6856 me.

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