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Better lip shape, better smile!

lip reshape

From Straight dull lips to sexy "heart-shaped" kissable one.

Hello, First, I must introduce myself I am "Aoi". I am here to give my review about my experience in doing Lip Reshape Surgery at DRK.

In today's trend, the lips is the one of the priorities to enhance especially by the celebrities. Others do some reduction and others fill it to look plum or fuller. In my case, I don't need any reduction or filling, I want a sexy shape of lips. Because my lips were straight and dull, it makes my whole face look boring and blunt. I want a sexy lips like a celebrity.

lip reshape

lip reshape

lip reshape

lip reshape

**Before Photos**

Whenever I smile or project on the camera, I have to make faces so that I can make expressions for my dull lips. I cannot pose sexy face because it doesnt match with my lips.

I started looking for the most experience surgeon in the city to give me the result that I desired. Here in Thailand, there are so many surgeons but not board certified, so be careful when choosing one. Before you decide to choose your surgeon, you must consider three important things :

1. Doctor's Profile (background and experience) ;

2. Where he practices (the facilities) ;

3. Patient Reviews.

In this way, you will be able to tell if he/she is the right surgeon for you. The three must be according to your standard of well experience and with high reputation.

I choose Dr. Beer at DRK to be my BEAUTY MAKER for lip reshape surgery. He is more than qualified with the standards I set for.

When I first came in, all the DRK staff assisted me politely, arranged all my registration form for me and prepared me for my consultation with Dr. Beer.

During the consultation, my first impression with doctor is that he is very kind and professional. Not to mention, a very good looking doctor too. hahaha! He clearly answered all the questions I asked him and made sure that I understood them completely.

I will have upper lip reshape only, that means my lower lip is perfect already. Dr. Beer will make the upper lip a "heart" shape. I am so excited!

lip reshape

**At DRK lobby**

I am now waiting for my Lip Reshape Surgery. I am ready and so excited to do it.

DRK medical personnel assisted me for preoperation, and helped me feel relax and comfortable. I am very happy for their good services. Everyone is very helpful and friendly.

lip reshape

**Immediately after my Lip Reshape Surgery**

Glad to know that the operation went well! Dr. Beer is indeed a very skillful and greatly experienced surgeon!

The operation wasn't painful at all. After injecting the anesthesia, the next minutes are nothing but a very comfortable procedure. I am sooooo happy it's done now! I am excited to see the result! hahaha

lip reshape

**5 days after I had Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer**

I had no swelling, no bruises and no pain. Although there are still stitches at this time. I have to come back in 2 days to get it removed.

lip reshape

**Comparison of my lips on the 5th day**

Do you see the difference? The shape of my new lips is very cute!

lip reshape

**7 days after my Lip Reshape Surgery with Dr. Beer**

Today is my schedule for removing of stitches. I am really really excited to take photos and show to my Instagram and Facebook friends. hahahaha

lip reshape

lip reshape

**10 days after my Lip Reshape Surgery at DRK**

I am very satisfied with the result. See the heart shape, it gives a very sexy impression even I'm not doing any facial expression at all.

I am more confident now, and my friends are so envy about it. hahahaha they want to do surgery with Dr. Beer also!

Thanks to my BEAUTY MAKER, Dr. Beer for giving me this most perfect lips ever on earth! hahahaha

And of course to all DRK staff for being so friendly and helpful.

See you soon!

Thank you for reading guys!

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