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V-Line Contour through Facial Bone Surgery "Life-changing surgery"

VLine Contour

Jaw Alignment surgery didn’t just make me look beautiful but also make me feel great.

Since childhood, I had this teeth problem that’s bothering me in all my daily routines. When I chew my food, the grinding of it makes it difficult because my jaws are not aligned. When I speak, it sounds odd and that really makes me uncomfortable whenever I talk in front of new people.

I really wish that there’s a way to correct my jaw asymmetry. I read so many articles about it, and people in Korea do it. Although going to Korea and the plastic surgery is expensive. Until one day, my idol blogger recently had a jaw alignment surgery with Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach at DRK.

I saw her blog and review about her experience during the whole period, from how she found DRK to the entire recovery period. It surprised me how amazing her transformation was and how confident she become. I want that for myself as well, and by the look of it DRK is the best choice to do the jaw alignment surgery.

VLine Contour

**this is my before photo**

My teeth are crooked, and my bite form is not balance and asymmetric. That’s why I am having problem with chewing my food. My mandible and maxilla are slanted and the bite is uneven. Dr. Chanchai advised me to get my teeth corrected first by braces, it will be a long way to go but this is how things are suppose to be.

Preparation for my surgery: 1. Braces : see an orthodontist. Get my crooked teeth corrected for months.

2. CT Scan

3. Actual Skull Model

4. 4D simulation

DRK Team helped me prepared everything that I needed for the procedures, all the necessary documents and materials. They also instructed me how to get myself ready before the operation. They are all very helpful.

VLine Contour

Prior to the surgery, but I'm really excited me.

VLine Contour

**The next morning after my surgery. My face is all swollen, that’s normal. Although there’s no bruises which is really amazing, the pain is manageable because of the medicine they gave me**

VLine Contour

Changes within the first weeks.

VLine Contour

**It’s one month now! Amazing! I can see lots of changes now!**

VLine Contour

The changes in my smile now are very visible. Straight and my teeth are arranged accordingly.

VLine Contour

Everything is back to normal 2 months after the jaw alignment surgery. I had a fast and comfortable recovery.

My loved ones and friends see the changes that happened to me, not just the beautiful look but the confidence I have as well. It amazed me how my transformation affects me and the people around me. The happiness and satisfaction in my heart is irreplaceable.

VLine Contour

This is me now, 3 months after my jaw alignment surgery. Everything is perfect, I can eat and chew properly, speak thoroughly and of course my confidence to myself improved.

Thanks to my surgeons Dr. Chanchai and Dr. Kolawach for not just doing a safe surgery but also for making me beautiful and contented.

Everything is possible with DRK, and I will look forward to doing more cosmetic procedures for endless beauty and confidence.

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