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Superstar Slim face by Dr. Kolawach


Greetings to all my lovely friends and to all the beautiful girls and handsome guys around the world who is reading my review.

Being an ambitious girl I pushed myself to achieve my goals in life, to have a career in entertainment industry. I made it to modeling here in Thailand. It gave me confidence and made me happy to work in front of the camera. One day, I was offered to join the Ms. Thailand Universe 2016 believing that I could make it to the top.

Though upon passing the audition, one of the trainers suggested that I would look better if my cheeks looks slimmer. Of course I agree to him, because it’s been my concern for quite sometime. I’ve been a model for several years and strict diet is important though I still feel heavy because of my cheeks are disproportionate with my body size. No matter how hard I follow my diet, I look the same then the camera focuses on my face.

We looked around Bangkok’s top 5 plastic surgeons for buccal fat removal. My team and I went to all their respective hospitals and clinics, though the number one choice that we have is DRK. We all have the same impression about Dr. Kolawach who is the medical director of DRK. His reputation in Thailand is incomparable and his works are remarkably incredible.

We definitely choose Dr. Kolawach to do the buccal fat removal surgery to me because we believe in his creations and trust him. In preparation for one of the biggest event in Thailand , the Ms. Thailand Universe beauty pageant, I Kuzuma is proud to say that I will do buccal fat removal with Dr. Kolawach.

Of course I was afraid that it might have scars or swelling for so long and I might look weird during the pageant but when I see reviews from DRK’s website, it surprisingly unbelievable because they didn’t have terrible reaction after the surgery. And the incision is inside the mouth so there wont be any visible scars or stitches on the face.


Timeline of my buccal fat removal surgery from before the procedure to two months. You can notice that the side of my face (right) is bigger than the other. It is genetic tendency, which is really unavoidable, and the only cure would be operation. I’m just happy with the result after my operation with Dr. Kolawach, now my cheeks are not just slim but balance.


Me and my Beauty Maker Dr. Kolawach.

I am very proud to have the well-experienced surgeon in whole Thailand to do my slim cheeks and get ready for the pageant.

I am very lucky to have found DRK.




During the Ms. Universe Thailand Pageant on the night gown show.

I am very confident with my slimmer sexy cheeks.


I’m ready for my big day, I am more confident than ever. Thanks to Dr. Kolawach for making my daily struggle gone and gave me the self-esteem that I truly need for my career. Now, I really pray a lot to get to the top 5 in Ms. Thailand Universe. Pls support me guys. As all my support goes to DRK Team.

With all my heart, I’d like to thank Dr. Kolawach and DRK Team for such great accommodation, everybody is friendly and very efficient and effective with their jobs. Keep it up! :)

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