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Permanent VShape Program by Dr. Kolawach

Miss international Pageant Thailand and it is Miss motor show 2016.

Hi guys, I’m Mint. Just like most women, we don’t like chubby cheeks. Chubby cheeks make us look young like a kid, it can be cute for other people but for my line of career it doesn’t.

As a model and entering a pageant, I need to look sexy and daring. I need the slim face with a natural contour. That’s why I am looking for ways to get rid of these fatty cheeks of mine.

There are some procedures I’ve tried before like botox injections, some recommended me mesofat injection to dissolve fat on my cheeks but I read about the reviews that it has no good outcome. The face will look uneven and you can never predict its result. This sounds very dangerous for me. Botox injections will work only on the muscles, which I think I don’t have much. I have fats in my face, and of course getting a face liposuction is never my option.

I am very lucky to have a recommendation to do Buccal Fat Removal at DRK with Dr. Kolawach. I heard about him in TV and most of celebrities, it always gets me impressed with what people tell about him. I went to DRK immediately to get a consultation with the famous Dr. Kolawach.

During my consultation, it made me feel so confident to do the Buccal fat removal operation with Dr. Kolawach.

He was very kind and honest with the expected result. He also let me understand how the operation would be and the part of my cheeks he will remove. The buccal fat pad once removed will never come back and I will gradually see the maximum result in 3 months, but I have to maintain my weight to see the best result. I agree to these terms and scheduled the buccal fat removal surgery immediately.

DRK medical staff prepared me for pre-operation procedures. DRK OR facility is the most securing environment Ive ever been. The nurses are very professional and rendered me the best care they can give. All DRK’s medical technologies are innovative and made in USA. The room has bacteria control policy that leaves it infection-free area.

I am very relaxed as I wait for Dr. Kolawach to come in and excited to do the Buccal Fat Removal surgery.

My operation was very relaxing and comforting. Dr. Kolawach kept on instructing me what I can do to cooperate during the operation so it would be easy for both of us.

It wasn’t painful at all, just the injection of anesthesia was pricky but after that I felt nothing. It was a BLOODLESS operation, and lasted for less than an hour.

These are my buccal fat pad. A lot right? hahahaha

Right after my Buccal fat removal surgery.

What an accomplishment, the surgery went well and it was a success. I am so relieved that it’s all done now. Now, I gotta wait for few days to get fully recovered.

I have to wear this compressive garment on my face for 24 hours in 3 days and continuously wear it every night for 2-3 weeks to help reduce swelling faster and help the facial skin tighter. Also, I have to apply cold pack over the face and chew ice cubes for 3 days.

3 days after my buccal fat removal surgery.

It may still look swollen but good to see that I have no bruises! And no more pain! I can actually go out and meet my friends! Healing stage is finished! How amazing!

2 weeks result after my buccal fat removal surgery.

I am so ready to get to the pageant with all the confident that I need, facing people and close up photoshoots.

My recovery was very quick, within one week I was back to normal. Not even my family could see that I was uncomfortable, because I was pretty much normal during my 3 days.

Look, my face look like a Vshape now. I feel sexy and I can wear sexy clothes looking like a lady and not a highschool kid wearing inappropriate clothes. The confidence in me is my center of life now. hahahaha

I am very thankful to have the best surgeon in the world Dr. Kolawach for making me feel beautiful and confident about myself.

The fastest and easiest recovery, safest and most securing operation, and skillful and well-performed surgeon with reassuring results.

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