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Nose wing reduction without scars by Dr. Beer

Alasplasty nose wing reduction makes the nose look more balance as a whole. Making you look pretty and lovable!

Hi pretties, I'm Nonie. I am here to share with you one of my beauty revelation I achieved with Dr. Beer.

I had an ALARPLASTY to reduce my big and wide nose wing. I am not comfortable with my nostrils, it don't look proportion and balance to my nose.

I was planning to have nose wing reduction before but I am afraid that the scar will be my problem after. So I need to do it with more experienced doctor.

I am lucky to know DRK as they are very popular here in Thailand, especially to celebrities and growing stars. I happen to know many of my coworkers who have done surgery with them.

I choose Dr. Beer for my alarplasty procedure because when I see the reviews about him, it suits my type. The style that I want for myself. I know for sure that Dr. Beer and I can work it together and achieve the result the I most desire.

The photos shown above are before I had alarplasty nose wing reduction.

As you can notice, my nose is perfect already except the nostril that are thick and wide. Every time I take photos, I have to try hard to make my nose wing smaller which is kinda funny.

When I met Dr. Beer for consultation, he made me calm about the scars. He will see to it that the incision will be more on the inside of the nose rather than the outside. Also they can give me a scar gel that would help lighten the scar more than it heals by itself.

The operation was very quick, obviously Dr. Beer is an expert in performing plastic surgery. It was a very calming and securing operation.

This is me 3days after the surgery. Almost no scar at all! No bruises, no Swelling and no pain at all! Although I have to be careful when I sneeze! I dont want to open my stithches! hahaha

**7 days after my alarplasty with Dr. Beer**

Now I can go out and do my shows. Everyone says I look so much prettier but they can't tell what I did! The result is so natural, nobody can tell what I had done!

**2 weeks after I had Alarplasty**

Everything is of course back to normal now. I had a lot of photoshoots and shows modelling offers.

My career has boosted after my Alarplasty because I have gained more confidence and I feel very satisfied with the result.

No more wide nose wings, now I am cuter and prettier than before! ^^

I am very thankful to Dr. Beer for doing the safest and most satisfying alarplasty procedure to me. More than happy to have more beauty journey with them from now on!

I trust DRK to be my Beauty Maker for the rest of my life! To keep me confident and timeless beautiful!

Also thank you DRK team for being so kind and friendly to me. Everyone is very professional in taking care of me and assisting me all throughout.

Till next time beauties! mwaahhh!

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