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Alarplasty Nose Wing Reduction by Dr. Beer

Hello, my name is "Nice".

I am here to give my review about my experience in doing Alarplasty procedure at DRK. I had rhinoplasty done already but I still feel uncomforable with my nose wing. It is too wide and open, makes me look like I'm angry all the time. And of course flaring nose is never attractive.

Since I know DRK already, because I've done procedures with them, I decided to do my Alarplasty Nose wing reduction with Dr. Beer.

Dr. Beer is the other surgeon that performs surgery as Dr. Kolawach. I trusted his skills and the reviews of his patients about him are marvelous.

During the consultation, Dr. Beer measured my alars and showed me how much he will remove. He explained to me as well that the nose wing will eventually and gradually spring back, so the amount of alar (skin/cartilage) that will be removed and the result it will have on the first time will be stretched back a little.Dr. Beer explained to me that possibilites of result that I could get with the size or amount of nose wing he will excise. Until we both agreed to the ideal size.

** Comparison of Before and After I hadt Alarplasty Nose wing reduction with Dr. Beer**

I am really amazed by the result. My desired nose (alar) is achieved.. My friends are surprised to see the outcome, it looks so natural and match with my face.

The scar is not so visible, my friends said they can't even notice it if they don't try to look so near.

** Following day after my alarplasty surgery with Dr. Beer**

Surprisingly, I'm feeling alright. No pain, no swelling no bruising. Just a little feeling then i move my mouth, it's like my nose is stretching. 555 I'm a bit conscious.

**5 days after my alarplasty nose wing reduction with Dr. Beer**

Everything feels normal now. It's a very minor surgery. Simple cut at the alar and it's healing very fast. thanks to DRK's medicines. it helped me a lot in my healing process.

**1 week after my alarplasty nose wing reduction with Dr. Beer**

My alar is so nice! I am really happy with the result!

Now, I don't look angry. No more flaring angry nose! hahaha thank you so much Dr. Beer!

Mission accomplished!

Now I get the nose that I wanted! No more wide and open nose wing! My confident has built up again!

All my friends are now going to DRK for a particular consultation, they are very fascinated with my result and how quickly I recovered!

Thanks to my BEAUTY MAKER Dr. Beer for another job well done! He did a marvelous job in my alarplasty procedure.

I invite you guys to just try the consultation and you will be amazed!

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