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Male Perfect Dimension Rhinoplasty by Dr. Kolawach

Thailand Male Super Model Mr. Pete real story review: Perfect Nose Line for Men to achieve dynamic facial balance.

The result of my lastest masterpiece photoshoot from The Face Thailand 2.

As a model, our appearance is our bread and butter. For me, my face and how I look like matters most because in modelling we have to look not just good but perfect in all photoshoots, interview, videoshoots and all.

If we take myself forgranted, I will not achieve the position in modelling industry that I have been longing for.

So as to be competitive among other male model, I have to do some makeover through plastic surgery to give me a permanent and dramatic result.

A lot of male models have done plastic surgery and have improved their career as well as it boost their confidence.

A lot of people say I need to start with my nose, as the nose is the center of the face and it gives the center balance of the whole face.

Photoshoot done for "THe Face Thailand" with other celebrity models.

My original nasal structure didn't give me much confidence about myself. It looks so big and wide. When I do the photoshoots, the makeup artist needs to use noseline makeup just to make it look good on the camera.

I feel very inferior and down about this, because my colleagues have already corrected their nose through surgery, and I think I'm the only one who's suffering from this big nose.

**before I had Rhinoplasty with Dr. Kolawach** So I decided to do my nose to improve my looks and give me the confidence that I want.

It's not really difficult to decide which dotor I will have my nose job done. I know DRK Beauty Clinic because most of my colleagues and other models from other agencies have done so many kinds of plastic surgery with them.

I trust the work of Dr. Kolawach, not just because he is famous but his experience is outstanding and his works are remarkable.

The result from all his works is the kind of result that I want for myself.

**After I had consultation with Dr. Kolawach** DRK Beauty Clinic is a premium class clinic. Unlike other low and middle class clinics in Thailand, DRK is exclusive with high standard of facilities and service.

That's why I didn't have any doubts with my decision.

In additional, Dr. Kolawach explained to me everything that I needed to know about my procedure and gave me a realistic result. He made me undestand what he can do to improve the nasal bridge and nasal tip that will give a natural outcome.

I trust him completely. He made sure that I undertood everything before I leave the room.

Ohhh I'm so excited to do makeover on my nose with the famous Dr. Kolawach!

**the following day after my rhinoplasty** Surprisingly, I didn't have terrible swelling. No bruises and very manageable pain.

I was advised to have 2 pillows when I sleep to help reduce the swelling.

**2nd day after my rhinoplasty** I went out for a walk. hahaha I'm not shy at all. All think about is that I am good, and not much downtime. I can still do some light chores.

**3rd day after my rhinoplasty** I went to DRK to have my follow up and doctor said my nose is fine, I just have to wait until the swollen totally subsides. The nurse remove the plaster and seeing my nose for the first time after the operation astonished me. I like it!!

**Timeline Rhinoplasty** Before > 5days after > 7days after > 2 weeks after > 1month after

My rhinoplasty surgery with Dr. Kolawach is indeed successful!

All my friends and colleagues give me compliments about my nose and it totally changes how I look! I feel very confident now with my new nose line!

Now, I am always ready for on call photoshoots. I don't need heavy makeup on my nose line to make it look nice. Because my nose now is perfectly in dimension.

I am very amazed with how fast I recovered after the surgery. In less than a week, I can do my normal routine.

Also my family and friends are very happy that I didn't have any complications after.

I am very lucky to do my nose job with Dr. Kolawach. He made it all possible for my dreams to come true.

My career has boosted after my rhinoplasty, so many auditions and my fans are growing. Many agencies are calling me to have a photoshoot with them.

You guys must do it with DRK too! I assure you, your life will change and will be awesome!

Side view of my nose. I really like the "Male Design" for rhinoplasty of Dr. Kolawach! It fits my facial structure perfectly!

Thank you so much Dr. Kolawach for giving me the opportunity to change my appearance and my life the easiest and best way.

I would like to thank all the DRK team for taking care of me as being so friendly.

Gentleman, time to step out from your comfort zone! Just do it! Make yourself more comfortable with how you look!

And don't forget to visit DRK as you do your research on changing how you look. I assure you, you will not regret it!

Good luck and thank you for reading!

Thanks to information and images from the Review


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