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Thailand Model Mudzii had a Natural Crease Double Eyelid Surgery by Dr. Korn

" Perfect eyelid definition for clear and big eyes, for puffy to be thin and natural only at DRK!"

Hi guys, I'm Mudzii. I'm a freelance model here in Thailand, and as I do photoshoots, I feel unconfident with how my eyes would look on the photos.

I have a thick eyelids that covers my eyes and look tired or sleepy. My remedy to make it look open and thin eyelids is to put thick eyeliners or paste a cosmetic eyelid to make it look like I have a big eyes. But none of these make me feel confident. I do feel great for the meantime while I wear them, but after I wash them off. I see the in born sad eyes that looking back at me in the mirror.

Look at my eyes at the photo above, my eyes are so puffy makes me look like I just cried or woke up. It is very thick and not expressive. As a model, the eyes are very important because it project the emotions of the person, and that tells what the photo is about.

I decided that I will not go through another day of burden with how bad my eyes look. And I need to boost my confidence more to boost my career. So I would do double eyelid surgery to have a thin eyelids and get rid of these puffy ones.

The researching part was a hard endeavor for it has to be painstakingly done. I have no plan to look like my other friends who look so unnatural with their results after they do the double eyelid surgery.

Lucky me, I waited for the best doctor in town, for me that is Dr. Korn. Upon consultation, he took away all my doubts and made the whole procedure clear to me, including the realistic result that I can expect.

I didn't have a second thought, I booked for a surger date right away after the consultation.

**During my double eyelid surgery**

Right before the surgery, Dr. Korn measured my eyelids again for final assessment and draw a line for the incision site. I am not nervous at all for I know that doctor knows what is best and I can see that he is very professional and skilled in this field.

Morevover, the DRK facility and staff are very securing. The OR is very strict with sterility and all the medical technologies are innovative.

**right after my double eyelid surgery**

I'm relieved to know that the operation was a success. I had no problem during the procedure because Dr. Korn's hands were very gentle and it didn't hurt me at all.

He uses the "BLOODLESS" technique, as it is the SIGNATURE technique of all DRK surgeons.

I had no bleeding during the surgery. And I can now go back home and continue my medication and healing there.

**5 days after my double eyelid surgery**

My recovery was very fast, because doctor's technique didn't inflict too much tension on my eyes, that's why I dont have much bruises and swelling, nor pain.

You can also see the incision line, it is closed and looks like just a normal crease. Although, I will have to wait for few more days to get it fully healed.

**Day one after my double eyelid surgery**

It is swollen and a bit reddish but I feel fine. I drink my home meds and apply cold compress.

**3 days after my double eyelid surgery**

The swelling has subsided, as well as the reddish discoloration. I feel so much better now.

**One week after my double eyelid surgery** Everything is back to normal now, I went out to meet my friends and they say my eyes are very beautiful!

I am very happy to hear good feedback from my friends!

**2 weeks after my double eyelid surgery**

I love taking selfies now that I have the new beautiful eyes. Not sleepy and tired looking eyes.

I don't have any visible scars, which leaves it look so natural!

I am very lucky to have found DRK and now I achieved my goals to have a big lovely eyes. My confidence have boosted, and I have more projects and rockets for my career.

My new look helped me developed my career and many companies are giving me offers to do shows for them. Also a lot of recommendations from clients to clients.

Another photoshoot for modelling to a mag, notice my scar, it looks so natural. And to think this is only on the 2nd week after I had my double eyelid surgery.

My greatest life-changing moment is the day I met Dr. Korn and from then on everything is perfect. DRK is my ultimate Beauty Maker, and they will always be part of my beauty quest. I will surely come back for more beauty makeovers.

Thank you so much for reading and see you again soon! ^^

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