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Natural Adhesive Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Korn

Expressive Eyes for Singers who express their emotions through music.

Hi guys, for those who don't know me, I am Ying rocksiam. I'm in a band and I play as the lead vocalist.

All my career time, I've always been wanting to change my eyes. Make it look expressive. As you can see, I look sleepy with my eyes. I want to look more alive and active, as I am a singer of a rock band.

See my photo above, my eyes are flappy too. Fatty eyelids are never sexy. I look like I just woke up or cried. I want to remove this unattractive flappy eyelids.

Luckily my friends recommended me to do double eyelid surgery at DRK. Because Dr. Korn is also very famous in his field. He is like a model doctor in Thailand, so I am very fascinated with his works.

Upon reading reviews from his patients, I am curious to meet him and ask for his advice about how to look attractive by doing surgery on my eyes.

On my way to DRK clinic, I am very excited to meet Dr. Korn.

Upon meeting Dr. Korn, I was very impressed with his attitude and gesture. He was very professional and very welcoming. We took a photo for souvenir hahaha

Dr. Korn was very accurate and straightforward with his explanation and plans for my double eyelid surgery. He said that he will remove some fats on my upper eyelid then some he will reserve it and reposition it to the inner side of the eyes, because if he will remove all the fats, my eyes would look very deep and it will give me a deep scary unnatural eyes and eventually will make me look too old.

I agree with his procedure and plans because I am confident that what he is saying is true. He gave me a realistic result which made it genuine and now I am very excited to do surgery with him.

**During my double eyelid surgery**

Dr. Korn's hands were very gentle, the operation never hurt me. I was very comfortable the entire operation. He performed the DRK's Signature Bloodless Technique, which assured me that no harm will be done.

This is DRK's OR facilities. The operating room is very clean and aseptic. They use strict sterile technique which makes the area anti-infection. All the nurses and medical staff are very professional. They see to it that all my vital signs are stabilized. Also the medical equipments and technologies are updated and made in the USA. Everything made me feel safe and secured.

This is me right after my double eyelid surgery. Amazing right? No bleeding! Now I am so fine to go back home and take my rest.

**1 week after my double eyelid surgery**

The result is very natural! I have no puffy eyes and they look more expressive! In just one week my life is back to normal and I can go out do some shows with my band feeling good about myself!

**3 days after my double eyelid surgery**

My eyes are still swollen but it's ok, i have no terrible bruises and no pain. I just need to relax at home.

**5 days after my double eyelid surgery**

I feel very fine now, I went out and meet my friends for dinner. They didn't notice the swelling in my eyes. hahaha

I went for a travel for my shows and also get to have a nice vacation. My double eyelid surgery result made me more confident about myself, although the result now is not yet 100% the final result that I will get, but I can see that it will be the best for me! I so can't wait to get it all healed.

**2 weeks after my double eyelid surgery**

Everything is back to normal right now. I am at the shooting for my features on TV.

All my bandmates and crews say that I look more attractive with my eyes, they are natural yet very expressive. I don't look sleepy and just woke up or something, no more puffy eyes.

I thank Dr. Korn for giving me the eyes that I desired for so long. And this boosted not only my confidence but also my career.

Pls support me guys in my music, follow us and see you!

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