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Changed the look to manhood through Lips Reshape and Double Eyelid surgery!

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

Caressible manly Lips by DRK. Lips Reshape Surgery creates an attractive expression for both men and women. Makes it more kissable and seductive.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

Say goodbye to boring sleepy tired eyes and dull straight lips and say hello to model-like features with seductive eyes and lips.

Hi everyone, Alex here. For those who would like to change their monolids and shapeless lips, here are some tips for you.

Believe it or not, I hate my typical Asian look. Some people may hate me for saying this but I don’t feel confident with my tired looking eyes and straight shaped lips, leaving me expressionless.

I have the right to change myself, plastic surgery of course isn’t just for women. We all can avail it, experience and discover a different way of gaining confidence.

I am 100% decided to do surgery, but the question is where and who’s gonna be my doctor? This homework is difficult and it took me half a year to finally find my doctor.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

I found DRK on the internet, they are one of the most popular and trusted plastic surgery center in the country. They have board certified doctors with marvelous and outstanding experience, giving them highly putative surgeons.

I chose Dr. Beer as my surgeon for double eyelid and lip reshape surgery for I believe we are compatible and we agree on the same expected result.

I feel very comfortable and open with Dr. Beer, he knows exactly what to do with my style and explained to me thoroughly about the procedure. I find it very reassuring knowing precisely what my procedures are going to be.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

**at DRK dressing room**

Today’s gonna be my long awaited transformation. My excitement are very transparent, I cannot wait to get my lips and eyes done.

As I have observed in DRK’s facilities, everything is very clean and soothing. It makes me more confident and comfortable.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

**Same day after my lip reshape and double eyelid surgery**

As I rest at home, I apply cold packs and take the prescribed medicines for me and more rest.

I am not advised to eat hot and spicy food and drinks to prevent irritation to my lips.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

**3rd day after my Lip Reshape and Double Eyelid Surgery with Dr. Beer**

I went out to have grocery, I can go out now but I have to wear mask for my lips because I still have stitches. It can be removed on the 5th or 7th day after the surgery.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

**5th day after my Lip Reshape and Double Eyelid Surgery**

After my follow up at DRK, I had my eyes and lips checked. Doctor said everything is all good and no complication visible. My upper lip incision is also dry, so it was time to remove the stitches. After my follow up, it’s time to eat real food! Hahaha

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

**7th day after my Lip Reshape and Double Eyelid Surgery**

Everything is normal at this time, although I have to apply SCAR GEL on my incisions to help the scar diminish faster.

Lip Reshape + Double Eyelid

I’m back to normal routine now. In just one week, everything is wonderful and life has changed in greater perspective.

I feel more confident about myself and people around me are amazed about my transformation in just few days. I look differently good looking. Hahahha

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