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Hi everyone, I'm Pop and I would like to ask a few minutes of your time to read this informative review that I'm sharing you. To those who want to have an expressive lovely eyes, and a slimmer cheeks, and balanced facial structure, my experience might help you have an idea what to expect and how to take care of yourself.

I am just an ordinary girl who dreamed to be special, not that I want to change my entire identity like any other people who have transformed their faces into something unrecognizable. I still want to maintain my inborn face but somehow I want to "improve" it and enhance some features.

At first, I feel very scared of doing plastic surgery because there are many results are failed, not natural looking and so many complications. I want to do my facial makeover with the best doctor, because I only want to do it once.

I was looking around, talked to so many surgeons around Bangkok, did a lot of research. Finally, I found Dr. Kolawach and Dr.Beer at DRK. His background profile, experience and the feedback from his patients are all incredible and fascinating. So it didn't give me any second thought. I booked a consultation right away.

My consultation with Dr. Kolawach was the most openminded conversation during the whole consultation. I understood how to achieve the perfect facial balance ratio for myself and he explained to me thoroughly what procedure I can do.

For facial balance, I can do fat tranfer facial filler to achieve plump on my forehead and some parts of my face. Also, I wanted to do the double eyelid as well, and he said I can do natural adhesive double eyelid incision to get the most natural result.

I agreed to all his recommendation because it was the best and most realistic explanation and expectation I ever heard. So I made an appointment for the surgery right away!

**This is me right after my fat transfer facial filler and double eyelid surgery**

The operation was successful, no bleeding and bruings, not much swelling and the pain is pretty much manageable. Dr. Kolawach's hands were very gentle and skillful, the operation didn't give me any discomforts or nervousness. I was relax the entire time.

Now I'm at DRK's recovery room, the nurses are taking care of me and let me rest for a while before I go back home.

The fat transfer facial filler was mostly injected onto my forehead, to give it a balance ratio to my entire face. Because my forehead is very flat and it makes my face look deep.

My eyelids are still swollen this time but doctor said they will be gone in no time. I just have to put ice and the medicines will help me get better real soon.

Comparison of my double eyelids, recovery days in just few days! Within a week, I got better and better! No Scar, no bruises!

**Before and after of my double eyelid and fat transfer facial filler with Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Beer**

I feel so differently marvelous after a week after my makeover surgery with DRK surgeons. They have done remarkable job for achieving the look that I have desired for so long. Now it is more than what I expected!

The result is so natural and beautiful that most people say my face looks younger and prettier! I feel so happy with the compliments that I get after my surgery.

Dr. Kolawach is very friendly and kind, he is not just a surgeon for plastic surgery but he is also an honest person that would tell you straightforwardly the things that will not look good on you. He advised me important things for achieving my face makeover.

We all had a fun and great time during the operation. Next operation I want is to achieve VShape, and Buccal Fat Removal with Dr. Kolawach is my next beauty makeover.

**During my buccal fat removal surgery with Dr. Kolawach**

As you can see, Dr. Kolawach removed my buccal fat pad that makes my face looks so chubby. To achieve Vshape, the buccal fat pad must be removed. And once it is removed, it will not come back forever. Although I have to maintain my weight to see its best result.

The operation was BLOODLESS, which will not give any harm to me. No bleeding is no bruises.

I also have my double chin removed by mini liposuction under the chin or neck area.

**7 days after my buccal fat removal and double chin removal**

Now, I feel very confident with my new look. DRK changed my life to greatness and I am now very excited to face the new year with more positive perspective and the happier me!

I am very satisfied with the result. I made the right decision for choosing and trusting DRK to be my ULTIMATE BEAUTY MAKER!

My life is so back to normal in just a week! It was unbelievably magical!

My doctors' technique is outstanding! My family is very happy to see that I have recovered easily and there was no complication. I am very happy with my natural result!

I am forever grateful to my doctors, Dr. Kolawach and Dr. Beer for making my dreams come true for giving me this beauty that is perfectly defined and proportioned. I am now very confident everyday and nothing can ruin my day. It is a very positive feeling that I attain after my beauty surgery.

My beauty makeover is the best thing that happened to my life as it changed not just my look but my personality as well. Thank you DRK for everything!

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